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Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Dec 2020 20:02
by supersobes
Timmy can't do anything about it until phpBB provides a fix for it.

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Dec 2020 20:10
by plykkegaard
Delete marked PM message works fine on latest phpbb 3.3

Send 3 PMs to self and deleted all 3 in one go

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 24 Dec 2020 15:26
by piva
Why it still not working for me?


Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 06 Jan 2021 19:02
by Hakan
Why i cannot stil remove my inbox and outbox messages at PM?

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Jan 2021 18:06
by Tandef
Regarding the temporarily locked SCS discussion thread, this quote:
If you wish to discuss such things take it to one of the Off Topic and Other Voices areas.**
Why do we have 2 separate off topic forums in ETS2 and ATS? I don't think this is necessary. Why not merge them and move it to the front page (board index)?

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Jan 2021 18:37
by Some newbie driver
It's not at all the only duplication that has no sense. Hope that in the changes they mentioned they are going to do, they consider all that kind of things too.

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Jan 2021 18:49
by Mohegan13
We have no power to do anything about these things. It all requires admin help and they are all busy doing dev stuff.

The only other duplicate forums wouldn't make sense being in their own area, assuming you mean Help, FAQ and the like. The only that would really work is if the main forum was ETS2 and ATS - then ETS2/ATS as sub-forums along with the other mergeable ones underneath them.

But that may make it even messier. We'd still have to keep Tech issues separate as they aren't always related to both titles, plus sometimes game specific devs wander by and it would be better for them if they were separate.

But feel free to post specifics on which sub-forums you think can be merged and where they should be located in a place that makes more sense.

We were already discussing merging the OT forums into a general OT area, but again whether it happens is down to admin.

Re: Forum Discussion/Suggestion Thread

Posted: 22 Jan 2021 22:33
by Some newbie driver
I was thinking on some minor sub-forums when I just realized they exist only on the ETS2 side. The one about the controllers in game I always find it odd. It's so deep into the forum that almost nobody cares to go there and you can find topics about controllers everywhere but on there. I thing it should be at top level as it servers equally for both games. The one about radio stations has so little activity that hardly justifies its existence (even if I'm sure it's important for some people, and probably for more if it wouldn't be so buried).

Then there's player-to-player help sub-forums. In most cases is help about modding , So, it's a redundancy to have them duplicated because the answers are relevant and useful for both games no matter for which one the mod is. I think it would be better to rename the "player to player" to let clear is focused on modding questions and put it at top tier together with the blender tools one as the focus point for everybody interested in doing mods.

Of course, "player to player help" sub-forums had also a lot of other topics that aren't about modding... it's just that they could perfectly fit on "Gameplay questions" ones, like a lot of people use both of them indistinctly. So, it ends being a double redundancy. And when we add the FAQ to the equation, the redundancy is triple.

What' differentiates a question from being frequent to being "just" of gameplay? I'm sure is that newcomers to the forum won't know if the doubt they have is frequent or not. So, people ends using them indistinctly, putting topics in the first place they find. I think FAQ sub-forum should be just a closed place summarizing relevant answers to usual questions (and somebody had to curate it). A place where to direct newcomers. Otherwise, I don't see it has any reason to exist when having already the "gameplay questions" sub-forum for every game.

Last, with the tech questions sub-forum I agree that it's tricky. From one point of view I see it better to merge it as at the end most of the problems aren't game related. On the other hand, other lots of them are game-bound indeed. As there would be no perfect solution, there's no reason to change anything if it already works well enough for those who need it.

Those are more or less the things that come to my mind