OFFICIAL WARNING regarding CDkeys, Instant Gaming, G2A, Kinguin and other steam key reseller sites

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OFFICIAL WARNING regarding CDkeys, Instant Gaming, G2A, Kinguin and other steam key reseller sites

#1 Post by Max » 28 Nov 2018 14:41

Hi everyone,

This subject has been brought up before, but recently a number of you have approached us regarding questions about CDkeys today, here's our official answer.

These sites are RE-SELLING steam keys - and you will not be able to know where these steam keys originated from, or how they were acquired. They could be stolen, bought with stolen credit cards or one of many distributors may have lost them (or "lost" them to some of their employees). They may have also been taken from other regions with different pricing - and WILL NOT WORK for your region. There is also a chance they're valid.

In any case, you have no guarantee, that you'll get the key for your money. And if you do get it, there's no guarantee that you'll keep it. Stolen steam keys or keys bought with stolen credit cards may be deactivated on STEAM without ANY REFUND.

MAIN SIGNS of a stolen steam key are a big difference in price. For example - if you see a game not yet released being sold for half the price than what developer is advertising, you can be 99% sure that this steam key is stolen/ bought with stolen credit card/ or there was a big mistake in pricing (you can't make profit on selling something for lower price than what you bought it for).

Also, these reseller sites do not confirm the identity of the seller. That's the reason, why some of them offer you a "guarantee" in case of steam key you bought doesn't work. That "guarantee" is given with an extra payment and it's no guarantee at all - if the key or card payment shows as being stolen, they WILL be deactivated - leaving you with empty hands and NO WAY to get your money back.

If you want to support the developer, the best way is to buy directly from them, from Steam, or from highly regarded sites like humble bundle, green man gaming and some more. While there are sites who are our official distributors where you are guaranteed to get "good" steam key, Steam and other sites we named are 100% sure that your money go where they should, and that your key is guaranteed safe and legal. And if not - receipts from these WILL get you a good key, or a refund.

EDIT: Changed poster from Carthoo to Max to make obvious its rather official statement. All credit left to Carthoo still, farewell and thanks.
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Re: OFFICIAL WARNING regarding CDkeys, Instant Gaming, G2A, Kinguin and other steam key reseller sites

#2 Post by Carthoo » 13 Nov 2019 16:57

Just giving this topic a little *bump* before Road to the Black Sea kicks in. Lot's of e-shops and reseller sites already announced a release date. No, they don't know the date - they just want to grab pre-order money and try to get it with "educated guess"/ being the first, etc.

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