Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#281 Post by erkinalp » 16 Jan 2020 20:23

Actually no it's still illegal, SCS are just declining to prosecute.
The correct word here is "unlawful". Copyright violation is a civil offense, except for repeated offenses, architectural works and royalties of music and movies, where a default royalty exists and it is automatically enforced by state.

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#282 Post by cip » 24 Jan 2020 07:55

@Kama in short, we are not allowed to make mods with paid DLC content in It, and if we do, we need to create a dependency to that DLC. therefore in order to use it, people need to own that DLC otherwise the mod shall not work. also we are not allowed to add in mods Steam inventory content (the one you gain while playing like loading screens, cabin accessories) and last we are not allowed to make mods that move content from ETS2 to ATS and vice versa.
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#283 Post by Brucedg » 29 Feb 2020 11:14

Cool ,thanks :)

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#284 Post by Nemiro » 28 Apr 2020 11:42

Dear everyone, we'd like to repeat the rules, restrictions, terms, and conditions, that my colleague @Carthoo at the very beginning of this thread. Recently we've discovered a mod that breaks some of these rules such as putting cracked versions of map expansions data into it, making just these data freely available without any need to provide license keys on Steam.

Such doing is illegal and prohibited and we will need to take formal steps against the author and uploader, which might end up in a not so pretty situation. Please, spread the word that while we love the creativity of our community and we do really love seeing good and nice MODs, there are some limits and bounds no one should cross.
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#285 Post by JoachimK » 22 May 2020 07:39

Good Morning,

I´ve asked me, why are some Users loading up Payware DLC to some very bad Mod sites?

This Morning I found again on *removed - stop promoting pirate sites* 3 DLC as free Download. But there are more.
I´ve paid all my DLC for ETS2 and I´m happy to support SCS.

What is to do to stop all these Thieves and their Sites? Not one Administrator prooves the Uploads.
You can upload, what you want.

That what I want to say finally about in this Thread.
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