Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

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Steam inventory mods restiction discussion [Questions Answered]

#1 Post by Max » 05 Apr 2019 14:42

Discussion for the

So the answers. The really short version would be: Don't make mods that bypass the need to buy content or earn it as a reward. But since that doesn't cover some more questionable areas, here are some examples from the discussion.

How to mod „the right way“?

Simply heed the rule written above. If you want to/ need to use something from our DLC content for your mod, don't put that part of DLC directly into your mod, instead make a „link“ to it by specifying the path to the given DLC data.

What about modding of steam inventory items?

Paint jobs/ cabin accessory items are one of the easier things to make – so there's absolutely no legit reason to do ANYTHING with items earned for World of Trucks events. We want to keep those items special for people who invested their time and effort (or money in case of DLC).

What about sound mods?

Sounds mods are an interesting question. At present moment, we're generally ok if you want to adjust/ improve sounds from our base game or free DLCs (ATS trucks) – except for songs, as there might be some issues with property right.

How about ETS2 items to ATS and vice versa via mods?

This is a tough one. We understand why some people like to drive certain trucks on the other side of Atlantic, but as there is no way how to check the usage of items not bought or earned, it still might be in conflict with the basic paradigm. We will not chase such mods for now, but they are not in line with the licensing terms between us and the truck manufacturers, so such mods are in dangerous territory. If we are talking truck models created from scratch by their respective mod authors, of course they are absolutely in the clear.

Let's talk about a few interesting scenarios to clear some doubts:

Scenario #1: A truck mod (adds a new, standalone truck) which contains interior accessory definitions for event reward items, with relevant steam_inventory_id attribute intact.

Generally YES, as it allows you to use things you can rightfully install in different original trucks (you are correctly linking regular data), so it‘s fair to let players also trick up the trucks created as mods

Scenario #2: An add-on accessory mod which contains accessory definitions to enable SCI steering wheels for a standalone truck mod. DLC-dependency is set in Workshop (would be set for a standalone package, but no mechanism exists for this purpose), and no art assets are included in the mod package.*

As no art assets would be included in such a mod, principally correct as well.
In addition, you can define DLC dependency directly in the mod manifest.

Scenario #3: Mod which alters definitions of DLC content (e.g. Michelin DLC) to alter something trivial like default paint colour, but does not contain any art assets. DLC-dependency is set in Workshop.

Again, everything is linked properly without copying actual data – no problem here.

Scenario #4: Trailer mod (adds new, standalone trailer) which uses cargoes belonging to a DLC (or multiple DLC's). Art assets are re-used from DLC and modified slightly to visually fit the trailer, but no definitions are included to enable the cargo (may not be possible to achieve in all cases if, for example, custom body types must be used...).*

These cases are complicated – you need the DLC items, but you have to change it to fit the new truck/ trailer – so it can't be linked simply. But eg. you can change the model and use the original textures. And thus you don't need to copy .dds files. If this isn't possible, find some similar approach.
At worst case, you can define artificial DLC dependency directly in the mod manifest.

EDIT: Changed poster from Carthoo to Max to make obvious its rather official statement. All credit left to Carthoo still, farewell and thanks.
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#2 Post by HaQ » 05 Apr 2019 14:46

Link to blog post not working.
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#3 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 05 Apr 2019 14:47

a link to said blog post would be good in the starting post well, i was to slow with writing this :lol:

but i have to agree, WoTr rewards should stay exclusive as rewards, who earned them can have them, who didnt wont get them simple as is

same goes for mods with DLC Content, if the DLC is needed i find it OK but if it contains DLC content (example Krone or Schwarmüller) and said DLC is not needed it should be deleted immediately
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#4 Post by Virgo91 » 05 Apr 2019 14:50

Thanks for pointing that out Carthoo.Rewards has to be earned,or bought on the Steam market...simple as that.

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#5 Post by Asphroxia » 05 Apr 2019 14:51

I completely agree with this step, it always baffled me why it was ''allowed'' to begin with, but in my honest opinion i think SCS is partially to blame, i don't think that items that need to be in your steam inventory to have them should be moddable in such a way that they show up

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#6 Post by VictorSE » 05 Apr 2019 14:52

Deleting the said files isn't really enough. Banned for some time, that'd be great :twisted:
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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#7 Post by danbywinby » 05 Apr 2019 15:00

I've got a question does this restriction apply to the mods of the FIA ETRC trailers for the current Work of Trucks event?

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#8 Post by Angel_Arrow » 05 Apr 2019 15:08

It's about time something happened against those content thieves! :lol:

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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#9 Post by Aves » 05 Apr 2019 15:12


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Re: Steam inventory mods restiction discussion

#10 Post by Etrusan » 05 Apr 2019 15:14

So how do propose we work with once in a lifetime items - say the FIA ETRC trailers as mentioned above? They are not a reward, they do not require a DLC so is it fine to turn them into a mod?
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