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Re: Legacy - Non Steam Thread

#11 Post by daniel_bel » 04 Dec 2019 14:40

And the usual mix of "non-steam" and "old" machines (re: DX11 matters).
Just edit your first post and remove the /ATS and it's good.

I don't know if the subject is useful, though, how could we have a problem unknown from on-line version?
The code is the same.
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Re: Legacy - Non Steam Thread

#12 Post by Mohegan13 » 04 Dec 2019 14:58

The code is more or less the same. So any issues on one will likely be on the other.

Now a message to the people who posted in this topic and brought up piracy.

I've been debating all morning whether to issue warnings or not. On this occasion I won't.

[1.2] Respect each other even when you have differing opinions. Insulting and personal attacks are strictly forbidden.
[1.3] Do NOT harass, bully or stalk anyone. No matter what their history has been on these forums or elsewhere, treat them neutrally and respectfully.

Continually posting about his piracy is stalking. The only time it would be relevant to mention it is bug reports and tech help, because it's relevant to anyone who may want to help fix the problems. Some issues are caused specifically because of it.

The admin/devs/moderators all know he uses pirate copies of the games, it's a well documented fact. So ask yourselves; if we know but allow him to continue posting and being a member of the forum, why are you taking it upon yourselves to continue bringing it up?

From this point on if I see any further posts directed at oggich and his piracy outside of bugs/tech help, it will result in moderator action taken against you. Consider yourself warned.

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