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Forum request - tables in a post

#1 Post by donfede » 20 Apr 2020 18:29

Hello SCS Forum Admins --

This is a forum feature request to add simple table support in a post. @Bandit & The Snowman had asked the same a while back, but received no response ( viewtopic.php?p=1248585#p1248585 ).

Searching through phpbb forums, it looks like basic tables could be supported by adding a few custom BBCodes ( ... 5#p6768515 and ... a#p4078025 ).

There were also some phpbb extension solutions discussed, but those are possibly not worth pursuing given the additional code issues ( ).

However, adding a few custom BBCodes seems like it would be rather low risk, and would allow for some more elaborate and better formatted posts.

I'm sure things are very busy with the new ATS 1.37 release (TY :D ) and ETS2 OB, but as there are a few cycles this would be welcome.

###### basic table sample

[td]Row1 Col1[/td]
[td]R1 C2[/td]
[td]R 2 C1[/td]
[td]R2 C2[/td]
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