Disguising expletives

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Disguising expletives

#1 Post by MT269 » 01 Jun 2020 14:16

In one post recently, I noticed that a mod removed an expletive from it. (Edit, it was not one of mine)

Whilst this fits within the protocol, is it not possible to have a censor function that automatically replaces the expletive such as the F word etc?

On another forum I visit at times, the word smeg is used.

If this is automated, then it would reduce the workload of the mods to a small degree, and would be less offensive in the event that foul language is directed towards a user. If somebody calls another user a name and the software overrides it, then the insult looks pointless (which is the exact purpose of it).

Just my 2c worth anyhow.

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Re: Disguising expletives

#2 Post by Mohegan13 » 01 Jun 2020 14:43

It is possible yes. But honestly it doesn't happen often enough to require some poor guy (Timmy) to think up all the bad words.

Also I like removing all the *fluffy bunnies* since they are old and not likely to be seen I can have fun with it. :lol:
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Re: Disguising expletives

#3 Post by Space_Night » 02 Jun 2020 01:56

one problem with that @MT269 some place names contain them,

Clitheroe in Lancaster, Scunthorpe in Humberside, not to mention a certain place in Austria could get deleted.

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