Discontent note with the SCS support via email

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Discontent note with the SCS support via email

#1 Post by alex_suporte_TI » 14 Jul 2020 20:46

Note 1: gentlemen administrators I do not know where to put my note of discontent, so I found the best place here, for being reported bug's, but feel free to move somewhere more appropriate

Note 2: sorry for any errors in grammar the english language is not my native language and i used google translator to make my note of discontent here.

I reported several small bugs that I found in the game, but that do not cause problems with the game's functioning, but are bugs and just ignore the bug reports.

Well let's see that even if these bugs don't cause problems in the game's functioning, they don't stop being bugs and I sincerely hope that they will be fixed in the future, not forgetting that a bug may not be causing problems in the game's functioning now, but in the future these small bugs that are not causing problems in the game, when they add up with other minor bugs they can cause other serious problems in the game and even worsen from small bugs to serious bugs which will give more work to be corrected and cause serious problems in the
the game

So it is important that the correction of these bugs, no matter how small, is why we pay for the game and want something of quality.

It is sad to see that the support of the game does not work ignoring the bugs reported through emails.

I reported several bugs before this new one that appeared in version 1.37 in previous emails and that unfortunately was ignored?

I Attach game files like the log and ETS 2 game profile files.

The history of the email exchange reporting the latest bug (Unable to find 'Road - left railing model' 'dlc_blke_25' for 0x76E9980880B0148) found in version 1.37 of Euro Truck Simulator 2 I leave in a PDF file available at the link >>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_mGWFuQZbSZLTDLw5j11bqlneUJlevoS/view?usp=sharing Note: I copied and pasted the link address in the address bar of your browser if you don't open it by clicking on it

Post link reporting the error that appeared in version 1.36 of both games >>>https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=271&t=284884
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