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How satisfied are you with SCS?

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How satisfied are you about SCS' recent decisions?

10 (Very satisfied)
6 (Neutral)
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Total votes: 106

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#11 Post by IvanKuz » 07 Feb 2021 12:58

Yes, I am quite satisfied with SCS! Despite everything, I honestly think they are one of the best video game companies out there.

Sure, I often don't agree with their decisions and I wish they did things differently. And my comments can often be critical, complaintful or even cynical. But that's only because I tend to speak my mind when I see something I don't like, however minor, and I want the issues I see to be discussed and eventually, hopefully, fixed.

In the end of the day, SCS are the producers of two amazing games that I am very passionate about and that they keep improving over time (which includes adding free content that you know damn well many other studios in SCS's place would have hidden behind a paywall or lootboxes or some other crap). We all can complain that some improvements are not happening soon enough or not in a way we want or are taking priority over other improvements, but there is no denying that SCS puts a lot of love and care into what they do. Is the resulting product perfect? No, far from it. But if I didn't find it to my satisfaction, I wouldn't have put hundreds of hours into it!
Roadkill wrote:
03 Feb 2021 23:28
I don't see why Covid needs to cause slowdowns for coders and graphic designers who should be working from home anyway.
Well, my experience of working from home has been the exact opposite of yours. Just because something works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone else. There are many people, myself included, who feel better working out of home from various reasons, so let's not make broad statements like how all IT guys "should be working from home anyway".
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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#12 Post by Roadkill » 08 Feb 2021 00:45

@IvanKuz Sorry to hear about your home life. Maybe if you weren't as rude. The broad statement you accuse me of making only included coders and designers. You were the one that broadened it with "all" IT guys. What line of work are you in? I am also "satisfied" with SCS even though I rarely play now that I use a flight sim.I can haul large loads with the Airbus 380 Cargo and the entire planet is open to travel. Maybe by the time I'm ready to come back to ATS they will have Texas finished. I think it's scheduled for 2022 give or take a few months.
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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#13 Post by IvanKuz » 08 Feb 2021 01:42

You could say I am one of those coders you mentioned (not exactly, but that's about 80% of my job). And while it was perhaps incorrect of me to conflate "coders and designers" with "all IT guys", my point still stands. Just because jobs like coding and design (among others) can be done remotely doesn't mean they should be, because this is not necessarily going to work out well for every individual. And, consequently, doing so can be a contributing factor to the pandemic slowdowns experienced by the companies that employ these individuals. If by "should" you meant "should have the opportunity to" then I'd completely agree, but that's not what you wrote. Sorry if you think I'm overreacting, but at this point I'm just sick of hearing "Isn't working from home great?!" from all the people who think their experience is a universal one.
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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#14 Post by Graf_Boinenn » 08 Feb 2021 01:48

I put an 8. There are some thing that need to be done or fixed, but in general I am very happy with the overall.

- Sound mix. At this moment, I think hiring Kriechbaum as a freelancer could be the best option. But, it's an opinion.
- Old models quality.
- The roadmap for DLC map development for Europe.
- Physics.

The rest, I am OK with it and very happy. SCS is a company that is very interactive with their community, with the blog, streamings and the forum. For good stuff -new trucks, what's under the hood- and not so nice stuff -delays, sound recording issues, etc-.

Also, seeing that they launched 3 trucks for ATS last year, with all the COVID stuff plus a project that was 100% Secret, from home, in short time, with not "real" references... wow.

I believe the next product in the pipeline like the 49X is one from PACCAR :P.

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#15 Post by FierbetoN » 08 Feb 2021 02:15

I gave it an 8, then I remembered sounds and changed to 7 :lol:

SCS trucks are pretty hit or miss. For example: the 49X. It's a great truck, but interior is not very good. It's missing many details and lot of models and materials that could have been borrowed from Cascadia were for some reason remade (in lower quality). Also it has no AO, only some shadows done by hand on vcol. The exterior has flaws too, some barely visible to your usual player (like inconsistencies in AO between hoods, seriously, why are the SBA hood fenders so dark?) and some very obvious like the black frames on sleeper windows. They come out with really great trucks sometimes though, like the Cascadia.

My other annoyance is really simple limitations that could open up many modding possibilites, like interior accessories that are always lit up, diff ratio connected to transmission etc.

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#16 Post by Reis_6 » 08 Feb 2021 03:11

SCS have to be congratulated. They have their defects, of course, but I will 'side with SCS' more to congratulate than to complain. 2020 was a very atypical year, they worked hard with unusual circumstances for the whole world and still brought exclusive and hot content for us. 2021 has already started promising, we are in the beginning of February and with a OB that will set tongues wagging, this 1.40 is a level above what I expected. Speaking of ATS, oh... Since LoneStar we had amazing and very detailed new trucks and brands.
In the ETS2 OB, you can already see a piece of Spain and I'm sure this DLC will surprise us.

Anyway, as I say, we as a final consumers have to come here when we have to criticize, but we also have to be present when it comes to praising, and at the moment my grade is 10 for both games and entire SCS team.

Greetings from Brazil.

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#17 Post by Nemiro » 11 Feb 2021 15:28

Thanks, everyone for your kind words and appreciation of our work. We work really hard no matter the "weather" to be able to bring the dreams of our community to life while also trying to fulfill our internal long-term plans. You guys motivate us more than some of you might think.
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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#18 Post by HagenXXV » 11 Feb 2021 16:40

Im play only ATS and I give them 9 out of 10, you can see that the SCS team makes a great effort to satisfy their players, that is invaluable, there are details (like the fifth wheel issue) that leave my mind blank and that's why I don't give them a 10 :lol: but I know they are working on everything the community wants, it's all a matter of time. :ugeek:
I will remain loyal to SCS 8-)

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#19 Post by daniel_bel » 11 Feb 2021 19:55

I voted 9 because I'm really delighted by the ETS2 product, but I'm dissatisfied by their politics of not selling it directly anymore.
Steam and on-line things are a BIG no-no for me.
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So I take one point out for not allowing ATS... AND some ETS maps.

This is only leaving one option, but it's unauthorized.

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Re: How satisfied are you with SCS?

#20 Post by flight50 » 06 Mar 2021 01:58

As a fan of SCS since 2016, I am content, yet I will be very critical when I feel the need. Most here see me all over the ATS forum posting. I'll tell it like it is. Good or bad. Agree with me or not. Dislike me or not, I will provide my 2 cents regardless. I predominately play ATS 95% of the time. 1.40 actually gave them an extra point from me. Not because of the lighting but because of 4x2 and 4x8. I could never figure out why ATS was being left behind when both ATS and ETS2 got Heavy Haul in 2017. ATS only had 4 trucks, yes. But 2 of those 4 are 8x4's now and the other 2 have 4x2's. I just couldn't get pass the neglect. No dev bothered to say anything on the matter. I felt like it was a slap to ATS fans for several years until now. So I give them a 8.

Why do I give them a 8:
1) no such thing as a perfect 10 in my book so 9 is the highest I can rate personally.
2) I am about ICCs. For those that don't see my post, ICC's is my abbreviation for new industry's, cargo and companies. ICC's should be more of a focus and its not. The point of trucking is move cargo from point A to B. You need industries to haul cargo to and from. You need companies to deliver that cargo to and from. All three are in very short supply in ATS. The game is getting too large to be so limited.
3) game constantly updated. Major plus. No new base map to buy every year. Buy once, its updated for life.
4) gameplay means a lot more to me than visuals. Before 1.40, the games looked pretty decent to me and now they are taking it to another level. I was even okay graphic wise with DX9 for me as the full time render. Things will only keep improving.
5) ATS is now a platform to grow from. A lot more support for ATS has is in place. The number of map times has more than doubled and its still only the beginning. The ball is really just starting to roll. Still a lot more catch up to its big brother though
6) since 2018, I think SCS communicates a lot more with the community. They have opened up on social media to let fans know a bit more of what they are doing before releases. This a very positive PR move. They even pulled in the community to help with research. They can't do it along and they finally realized this and opened up threads to help them. Feedback is very helpful to any dev that wants to improve their product.
7) I don't expect perfection so things like AA, not so great sounds and not a true simulator does not weigh heavy on me. I can look beyond things like this.
8) cheap dlc's and a very affordable hobby. I can buy (1) pizza for the price of (1) dlc. I will have the dlc for the life of the game. Pizza, I have to buy again and again and again just to get the same satisfaction. (1) PS or Xbox game cost $60 USD. That is (5) dlc's at $11.99 for me. That is just considering map dlc's. There are less expensive dlc's that upgrade the game as well.

For sound, it fixable with a mod. Not a true sim....the game is constantly evolving so many new features will come over the years ahead. Missing trailer types, truck washes, MP, functional weigh stations, multi drop....just to name a few. Some of this is in the works, some could come later. There is always something big developed every year. Same thing with AA. That too can be fixed but none of this takes away from the gameplay for me. Apparently if you are here, you support the games and play them because you are satisfied believe it or not. Would you like things better, sure, we all would. Stick around for it though. You made it this far so don't just vanish.

The comment about about bad FFB, my advise...upgrade the wheel. I get a ton of feedback with my Thrustmaster T300 GTRS and I am completely satisfied. I had to drastically lower the feed back settings because they are so strong. Tons of settings to tune it. Much much better than the G27 I upgraded from. So the FFB is not on SCS, its the hardware. The better your hardware, the better the response.

If SCS is to get a 9 out of me, fix ICCs. In ATS, ICC's should have been doubled by now. Double the cargo and double the companies at the least. They may not be able to double the industries just yet. We need more map for some industries to come so that part is understandable. Be more innovative with features and functions of the game. Truck washes, weigh stations... they are in the game. Please make them valid and functional. Multi drop, better weather system, seasons, missing trailer types (step deck, curtain sider, Kentucky, livestock, more realistic car hauler, bring the moon back...just to name a few. It all takes time and I understand. But the more that is added and upgraded, the better. At this point, I can give fractional points for everything added. Heck even a rating of 9 can get fractional points from me but I can't give a 10.0

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