Please don't force the speed limit on us. [161749]

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Please don't force the speed limit on us. [161749]

#1 Post by wolftrucking » 25 Jun 2021 02:58

Today's update enforced the truck speed limiter on everyone, regardless of job, WoTR or not.

I might be one of the "fast" drivers, But overall, I sit back relax, follow the rules of the road, and drive the speed limit, many roads in america have a speed limit over 65, and many of the trucks on our roads DO drive 70 (and sometimes a bit faster) as well. Besides this, there's also a certain amount of fun to be had driving recklessly, crashing into your friends, and having a giggle about it, and another laugh at the physics engine when it launches a truck or car into the sky.

It's not really fair to enforce an option we don't want, or have enabled in our own settings, if someone in our convoy isn't driving the way we like, let us police our own servers by banning them. or at the very least, compromise and have the speed limiter an option for the host to decide if they want it in there server or not.

You have control over WoTR jobs, let us have control of our severs and allow us to have the freedom to drive with our friends how we please. Don't make this like truckersMP.

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Re: Please don't force the speed limit on us.

#2 Post by GinXeng » 25 Jun 2021 04:48

There was no need for this thread, it is an unintended bug which as been passed on to the developing team. Dont jump into conclusions so fast. You need to remember that you are playing a BETA and things will break while fixing other things, it happens.
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