[Announcement] 01.06.2021 : New FORUM RULES announced! Please familiarize with them.

[NEW] FORUM RULES (since 1st June 2021)

Please stay up to date with the content of this section.
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[NEW] FORUM RULES (since 1st June 2021)

#1 Post by Grisp » 01 Jun 2021 13:59

Forum Rules

  1. General
  2. Forbidden Content
  3. Mod (Game Modification) Content
  4. User and Staff Relations
  5. Account Security and Personal Information
  6. Miscellaneous

1. General

1.1 Notices, Infractions, and Bans
Moderators work together and use their best judgement in each situation. If these rules are broken, it may result in posts being removed and/or a warning being given. For severe or repeated offences, a ban may be issued. Moderators are under no obligation to PM you to tell you why a post was removed due to an infraction, however, please contact forum@scssoft.com or reach out to the moderation team via PM if you have a question/are unsure why a post was removed.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between disagreeing and arguing. It is perfectly okay for users to post their thoughts and opinions, even if those differ from other users. However, arguments, disrespect, and harassment will not be tolerated here.

1.2 A Final Word
SCS Software provides a space for the community to share ideas, opinions, and feelings. While we do encourage healthy and constructive debates, please remember to follow the rules. Keep it in good taste and always be respectful.

These rules may be changed at any time, and it is each member's responsibility to keep up to date. Staff can take any action they feel is necessary, even if no specific rule applies.

2. Forbidden Content

2.1 Definition of Message
A message includes any and all means a user has available to them to communicate with other members.

2.2 Language, Placement, Spelling, and Grammar
  • Users must make an effort to place a new thread in the right forum section. Posts deemed to be in an incorrect section will be moved to a proper one or deleted.
  • Users are encouraged to use proper grammar and spelling in all messages. Messages containing shorthand text and other exclusionary forms of speech may be removed.
  • All messages must be in English or include a complete English translation.
2.3 Forbidden Content
Forum posts or profile information that involve the following content will result in moderator action:
  • The posting, advertising, or otherwise promoting of payware and/or donate only mods.*
    *Screenshots presenting a paid or private mod can be published as long as they are not containing any information allowing to identify/download the mod.
  • Discussing or facilitating copyright infringement or software theft (software piracy).
  • Posting of information covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Political, ideological, or religious posts - This forum is the place to discuss SCS Software’s products, not to provide worldview disputes.
  • Any discriminatory language, actions, or iconography (racist, sexist, homophobia, etc.)
  • Use of vulgarity, profanity, and parts thereof.
  • Content unsuitable for children, such as nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore, and recreational drugs.
  • Insults and threats, stalking, bullying, or any other behaviour construed to be of a potentially rude, slanderous, accusatory, combative, or otherwise harassing nature to/of another person.
  • Impersonating other members such as using a nickname, profile image, or signature that resembles theirs.
  • Self-promotional posts/signatures that promote a 3rd party for profit, monetization, and advertising products or services without prior approval (this includes YouTube Premier videos).
  • Any variation on the type of message that is used to needlessly bump threads, raise one's own account visibility, and/or increase post count, including emoticon/smiley/+1 only posts.
  • Flame-baiting, trolling, or any other messages made for the purpose of stirring up and otherwise getting a rise from users.
  • Reposting closed or removed content without moderator consent.
  • Quoting of images, videos, and/or code boxes.
  • Signatures that exceed the maximum dimensions of 960px wide and 150px tall - this includes all content in the signature, whether text, images, or a combination thereof

2.4 Necroposting
Posting in a thread that has not received a new message in a long period is known as "necroposting." Necroposting is generally not appreciated, but it’s not forbidden provided that your post does not break the other rules. These threads may be closed by the staff.

3 Game Modifications
Game Modification (“mod” in short) refers to any user modification for any of SCS games.

3.1 Game Modification Guidelines
  • Posting or sharing mods that include any material/texture/art content from DLC packages in whole or in part is not allowed.
  • Posting or sharing mods that enable Steam Inventory items intended for trade/buying/selling on the Steam Market is strictly prohibited.
  • Posting or sharing mods that are not completely your own work is not allowed unless you can prove you have permission to do so.
  • Sharing your own mods on this forum must be done with direct links only. Eg: The link you click on in the post should be to the file not a web page or forum page.
  • By sharing your mods on this forum, you are agreeing to give all users of the forum equal technical support in the mod's topic. You may not limit support to private messages or other services away from the forum.
  • You may include an optional donation link for your mod, but only one in the first post of the thread and only if the mod is already released.
  • If you chose to stop supporting and/or updating a mod, please put "[Abandoned]" or "[Cancelled]" at the beginning of the Subject line on the main post.

4. User and Staff Relations

4.1 Definition of "Staff"

A member of staff refers to any SCS Software employee or volunteer moderator appointed to take care of the forum.

4.2 Moderator Action Requests
Do not publicly call for moderator action or try to enforce the guidelines yourself. Politely informing someone of a rule is fine, but it's best to just report the post.

Users may request a removal of their own Media and Game Modification topics, but please be aware, this is a permanent removal. We cannot return topics if you change your mind.

4.3 Open Discussion of Staff Decisions
Do not openly discuss action or inaction taken by the staff such as warnings, bans, post/topic removal or closure. If you have concerns about a moderator action please contact a moderator; those listed here with green usernames, or contact SCS Software directly via forum@scssoft.com.

4.4 Appealing Moderation Action
If you disagree with a moderator's decision, please contact them via private message or send an email to forum@scssoft.com, to have the issue re-examined.

4.5 Evading Restrictions
Members who try to avoid a ban will be subject to an extended or permanent ban.

5. Account Security and Personal Information

5.1 User Responsibility

Keep your account safe; anything done from it will be considered your responsibility. It is highly advised that you do not give out any personal information via any part of the community.

Members of staff will NEVER ask you for passwords or other personal info beyond what is necessary to prove ownership. If you need to contact staff via the forum email address, it is advised you do so from the email address that is linked in your account. This will help prove ownership.

5.2 Account Usage
Only one person may use an account, and you may only create one account on the forums. Asking for an account to be removed so you can create another is not allowed.

If you would like your username changed, you can post a request in the official name change thread.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on this forum are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SCS Software as a company.


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