Bug Reporting Process ** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING IN BUGS **

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Bug Reporting Process ** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING IN BUGS **

#1 Post by Mohegan13 » 15 Jun 2013 15:01

Your Report must include:
  • The game.log.txt*
  • The game.crash.txt* (In the event of a game crash.)
  • Map co-ordinates.** (If the bug report pertains to the map or map asset include the co-ordinates.)
  • A screenshot with the mini map.
  • Description of bug.
  • Version of game.
  • PC operating system & whether it's 32bit or 64bit.
  • Reproducibility of the bug. (Always, sometimes, or random.)
Your Report should NOT include:
  • Multiple different types of bugs in one report.
  • Reports where the profile has ever had mods on it.*
Reporting a bug:

If you think you have found a bug please make sure the bug can be reproduced on a profile that has never had mods enabled on it. If in doubt please create a new temporary profile without mods to try and replicate the issue.
* Profiles that have mods on them can have undesired results with the game and game updates. This is why it is important to only report bugs from brand new or clean profiles. Even when you remove a mod, they can still leave data in the save file which can lead to undesired results.
If you cannot replicate the issue then it was most likely a mod related issue. DO NOT POST THIS IN THE BUG FORUMS! If you need help in these cases please post in the 'Help Center - Player to Player' of 'Technical Help' sections of the appropriate game forum.

If you are able to recreate the bug on a new/clean profile then please make sure the bug hasn't been reported before.
You can use the the main search (top right):
Or the forum specific search (top left) which only searches in the forum you are currently in:
Alternatively you can use the Advanced search tool set up by MartinoPio which can be found here: http://topdeskle.altervista.org/scs/search-scsforum.php.

If the bug is already known please do not report it again. If you wish to add additional information to the existing report then please reply to the existing topic.

If there is no existing report please make a new topic in the appropriate sub-forum and include the information listed at the top.
Please attach any images, game.log, and game.crash files using the forum's attachment feature.

In the event that a file is too large you will need to use an external host, for the game.log or game.crash it is preferred that you use http://pastebin.com/. Open the log or crash file in your preferred text editor and copy and paste ALL the content to pastebin, then post the link in the report. For images please use any image host that allows direct linking so the image is visible using the the [ IMG ] tags.

If you want to report a bug regarding translations, we have a dedicated section for Game Localization that's followed by our volunteer translators, so please post it there instead.

* Location of the game.log & game.crash files

Both the game.log and game.crash files can be found in the main folders for the games. By default these are:
Windows 7: \My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ & \My Documents\American Truck Simulator\
Windows 10: \Users\**PC USERNAME**\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ & \Users\**PC USERNAME**\Documents\American Truck Simulator\

Linux and OS X: ~/.local/share/Euro Truck Simulator 2/ & ~/.local/share/American Truck Simulator/ OR ~/Library/Application Support/American Truck Simulator/.

Why are they needed:

The game.log includes lots of information about your set up and will sometimes include a reason for the crash. Please do not copy/paste segments of the log as the whole thing is very important to us.

The game.crash file (if generated) also includes a lot of technical information including what cause the crash. This is a very important file for the developers. Please be aware that the game.crash file is not overwritten when you launch the game. So if you have had crashes in the past and/or you are attempting to recreate the crash, please be sure to delete this file before continuing so the information in the file pertains only to the current crash.

** Map co-ordinates & how to get them:

First we need to enable the the developer mode.
  • Make sure the game is not running.
  • Navigate to the main folder (same place as the game.log files.)
  • Find & open the config.cfg file in notepad or similar text editor.
  • Search the following lines:
    • g_developer "0"
    • g_console "0"
  • Replace the "0" with a "1" and save the file.
You only need to do this once, you can leave the settings with "1" enabled, it will not affect your game or performance in any way.

To line up your screenshot you may wish to use the dev_camera (0 on main numbers row) and use the num-pad keys to "fly" around.

There are two options available for taking screenshots/getting co-ordinates.

Separate screenshot & co-ordinates:
  • Use the default key (F10) to take a screenshot.
  • Use F11 to bring up the bug report screen.
On the F11 screen type a short message (single words are fine) for the bug and press 'REPORT'.
Simultaneous screenshot & co-ordinates:
  • Press SHIFT+F11
This will bring up the bug box, when you press 'REPORT SCR' a screenshot will automatically be taken.

Doing either of these methods will generate a file called bugs.txt in the main folder (same place as game.log). Open the file and copy the content into your post. If you have multiple reports, each bug will be on a new line in the bugs.txt file.

Screenshots go to your main screenshot folder.

Why these are needed:

The co-ordinates send the developers to the exact location including your exact camera positioning at the time of pressing F11. Because bugs in the game world cannot be fixed within the game, but within the editor the co-ordinates are extremely important for them.

An example of a good Bug Report:

Grass on Road
Game version
Vegetation in road ;[24/10/2019 19:47] (sec-0003+0012);-9908.65;8.1856;48915.9;3.12059;-0.236784
Always Reproducible
Win10 64bit
It's helpful to also mark the issue with red boxes/lines/arrows. As they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Since English is a second language for many users and the devs, marking the image shows the problem with out the need for translation. So where possible do mark the issue as well.
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