The three most commonly broken / ignored forum rules!

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The three most commonly broken / ignored forum rules!

#1 Post by Reef » 19 Jul 2016 13:46

These are the three forum rules that are most commonly broken/ignored, and have to be continually dealt with (posts edited) by Moderators..

Rule most often broken..

Do not quote the post directly prior to yours, use the [ PostReply ] button, DO NOT use the [ Quote ] button

Sometimes you need to direct your answer to a specific member, the easiest way to achieve that without breaking any forum rules is to use the @ symbol followed by the members name, for example if I was replying to something Cadde said then I'd simply put..

@Cadde, yeah I agree, blah blah.. and so on.

Second most broken rule..

Do not double post, edit the last post you made if it is the last post in that thread.

This creates extra work for the forum staff that then have to clean up the threads later, we have to copy your second (and sometimes third) post and then paste that into the first post, or would you prefer we made life easier on ourselves and just deleted the double and triple posts? Either way double/triple posting is against the forum rules so please don't do it! (exception to the rule is Mod author threads and Screenshot threads but only by those threads authors)

Third most broken rule..

Do not use the attachment feature as a personal image hoster, it is only to be used for reporting bugs in either ETS2, ATS or any other SCS software title and only then on an unmodded clean profile.

We all have images we wish to share, some more than others, but please use a dedicated image hoster and NOT the forums attachment feature, I always use imgur, it is free, easy to use (literally drag your image onto the page to upload it), has many features like cropping, editing, resizing and thumbnails, and best of all it's completely 100% free!

Of course there are other image hosters available too and probably a few of them are also free to some extent (some require upgrading to a paid subscription to benefit from all their features) just Google search and find the one you want.

So please, just take two minutes to review the entire forum rules here >>>>

One final note:

If you see either of these or any other rules being breached just submit a report (it's the [!] button at the bottom right of every post) no need to post in the thread about it, just report and leave it for the moderation team to sort out, also don't abuse the report feature, I had one today that simply said "Takes him forever to update this thing." :roll:

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