Double trailer spawning bug

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Double trailer spawning bug

#1 Post by matejkozakcz » 19 Nov 2017 19:28

I´ve recently drove the order with double trailer. After crossing with traject from Goteborg to Frederickshawn I was spawned with the last truck stucked on barrier. This also happened when I spawned at the repair shop.

Last trailer is stucked on the barrier.

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Re: Double trailer spawning bug

#2 Post by IonutL » 20 Nov 2017 07:36

Flemming V wrote:
17 Nov 2017 06:47
Hi there. Thank you very much for your report.
If you would SCS to be able to use it and to be able to correct your found problem in the game, you need to read how to make a report.
So, please read the "How to make a report", then add the necessary missing info to your post. Thanks.

How to report a bug here, if you want help with this.
Thank you.

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