[REL] Project Greenland v.0.15

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[REL] Project Greenland v.0.15

#1 Post by Xoryx » 04 Jan 2021 16:43

I would like to introduce my new map project - Greenland. That very mountainous country has many beautiful views and demanding steep roads.

Load order:
The map requires Promods and must have the higher priority in a mod manager

Nanortalik (GL)

Changelog (0.15):
- fixed speed limits
- added license plates

Discord project server:

https://sharemods.com/5k6pgucjpzue/Proj ... 15.7z.html

Keep the original download link!

The map plan:

A few photos:
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Re: [REL] Project Greenland v.0.10

#2 Post by ThommyLee » 09 Jan 2021 02:55

@Xoryx Nice map, good work ! Possible to get a fix for EAA ? :-)

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Re: [REL] Project Greenland v.0.10

#3 Post by TodayMadness » 20 Jan 2021 22:48

Very small , but very beutifull . I hope see moore from you and your work in this map mate ;)

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