"Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#421 Post by deejub44 » 13 Aug 2020 14:22

I have both ROS and Rusmap, so I don't know which is causing the issue, but I now have Russian trailers dominating traffic all over the world, including in Norway, Australia and South America. This (obviously) is unrealistic. Is there any way to avoid this?

Edit: Also found Lukoil station, with Cyrllic writing on the canopy, on a Scottish motorway.
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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#422 Post by gryper » 08 Sep 2020 05:11

This map is pretty important if you like driving in Russia. It needs to be brought to the same scale as Rusmap and have the holes fixed, and needs road connections to Wombat's great combos, Southern Region, Great Steppe, etc. I wish someone would find the time to do it. Russia is my favorite country to drive in.

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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#424 Post by gryper » 08 Sep 2020 14:45

Vinnie Terranova wrote:
08 Sep 2020 06:23
Yeah, the main reason I don't use ROS is the scale.
Same here. I tried one delivery and it sent me up some crazy hill at the destination I could not even climb up, it was too steep. I drove for hours and could not make the delivery. Havent used it since.

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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#425 Post by walldi222 » 01 Dec 2020 21:16

I am a HR Teammember from the spedition Software Sped-V.
We want to import the lastest version of the map to our system.
We need a unlocked version of the .def folder out of Russian_open_spaces_37map.scs
Is this possible?
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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#427 Post by Voltruck12 » 12 Dec 2020 15:12

Looking at the description on the truck-sim club, it seems there's no change in the map scale, meaning it's not in the same scale as other maps like promods, rusmap, and other maps used in the combo.

Combining map with different scale will likely generate unwanted outcome such as weird day to night transition (day too short, overlong night). This can be fixed by turning off the time zone, but it lessens the immersion, if not ruins.

If possible, make this map as standalone.

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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#428 Post by danny589 » 12 Dec 2020 17:01

@Voltruck12 the map can be used as a standalone, you just need to change the module on the profile creation screen.

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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#429 Post by Digital X » 13 Jan 2021 15:39

Does anyone know where the "traffic and sound fix" is please? I cannot seem to find it. The image on the mod manager on this video I am watching shows "Ros sound&traffic fix" but I'll be blown if I can find it anywhere.
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Re: "Russian Open Spaces" v7.7 [1.36.x] [upd: 19.02.20]

#430 Post by ravensview » 21 Jan 2021 22:10

I'm using the new ROS, but as a standalone. Would someone recommend a satellite map that goes with it?
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