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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#61 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 02 Aug 2020 04:42

Can't wait for public release im hyped for the map and am ready to have a EuRoadNet europe edition map combo by Wombat when it is released.
FMOD sound modder and currently learning to make my own 3D models,yet i'm fine at porting PTTM/Haulin mods into ATS/ETS2 with fixes.I do not take requests on new trucks,it will be a waste of time.

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#62 Post by malbonius » 02 Aug 2020 10:18

Really looking forward to this guys! I used to be a devout user of promods, but with the large coverage of the SCS map now (with all DLC's) I haven't used it for a long time. I find there is too much addition, and I'm really looking for maps which improve the older base map or areas not well represented so this sounds exactly what I want. Not everyone needs Promods.

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#63 Post by MG Mike » 03 Aug 2020 12:09

ArTrailfanRaf214 wrote:
02 Aug 2020 04:42
Can't wait for public release im hyped for the map and am ready to have a EuRoadNet europe edition map combo by Wombat when it is released.
Hi there,

This could happen. The Euroadnet-map is the former Germap and it should fit into the Eurasia non-Promods combo from Wombat.

But since we are still at the beginning of our journey we can't guarantee if it works properly and it is too early for us to give support for Bigmap combos.

MG Mike

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#64 Post by abasstreppas » 03 Aug 2020 13:44

Keep up the good work, guys. I'm really looking forward trying it out ;)

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#65 Post by yozza » 03 Aug 2020 18:22

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to this map

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#66 Post by frafx » 04 Aug 2020 14:54

I cant wait the map relesed keep going :)

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#67 Post by ArikTheBuilder » 06 Aug 2020 07:51

If you say so we sure will 😉
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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#68 Post by hypervoodoo77 » 06 Aug 2020 15:56

Hell yes a release date.
Definitely downloading first day.
This is the map to keep an eye on this year.

Congratulations guys hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#69 Post by Bommel15 » 09 Aug 2020 11:21

Nice! I download this map at 15th August. But i have one question. Can you maybe build in Riesa? That is between Dresden and Leipzig. On the standard SCS map is the road between Dresden and Leipzig and there is a lot of space. Have a look at Riesa on Google Maps and then you can think about whether you want to include it. I would be happy;)

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Re: [WIP] EuRoadNet

#70 Post by EuRoadNet » 09 Aug 2020 12:57


For the version 1.0 we will not build anything more because we are
currently in the unpublishing phase which means we are very busy
to publish the map right and bug free

Let's see what else the future will bring

All we can do is wait and see, and drink tea
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