TSM 4.1.0 mod

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#21 Post by amycashtime13 » 07 Oct 2013 18:41

:lol: No you're not going blind! It took me quite a while to find it. The ironic thing is that there is an announcement on the TSM website home page saying that the current version is 4.1.1, but I can't find any DL link for it :? . So after a bit of searching, I found a hosting site - http://download-ets2.com/maps-ets-2/126 ... p-411.html. I also installed the TSM Just Play Mod (JPM 1.4.5) which adds certain extra features to the game, and can be found on the TSM website under Downloads.

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#22 Post by Mac » 07 Oct 2013 22:52

DLing it now, thanks for your help! .. Yeah I saw that too on the TSM website, but I couldn't find it. Before someone told me "Google was my friend" :roll: I tried Google and it couldn't find it either... 4.1.0 yes, 4.1.1 nope. I'll have to try that JPM 1.4.5 too and see what it does. Thanks again for your help

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#23 Post by pat stringer » 08 Oct 2013 02:37

hello, here is a pack: Multi Mod for ETS Traffic V 2.0 JPM and / or DLC East, which is pretty good, = http://bitly.com/bundles/thomastsm/m

Adjusted for the ETS2 patch 1.5x versions. (Ready for DLC goes East and JPM)

• TSM 4.1.x Map
• JPM Map for TSM 4.1.x

This mod is a purely private project. The Mod therein are not changed
but only together and also work with 4.1.x TSM MAP
It was important to have more variety in traffic and more
vehicles on the road. and assembled vehicles MOD'S: - ETS2 141-realistic AI-Traffic-mod-Ver-2-en-Scanreg - vehicle_TDU - empty trailer outstanding - various cars from the Eastern Bloc and others. - 2 new cars DLC Going East - Police Class C - Sprinter ambulance - Ducato Police PL - BMW X3/BMW E36/BMW X5/VW-BUS Caravelle - Sprinter UPS, TNT, DHL, SDA, BRT - Long Sprinter - TrailerTZ_fliegl_log_trailer skin Corni - trailer Scania Vibes skin paved floor (Standalone - Light modified vehicles etc...

TruckSim and Map 4.1.1, found here = http://download-ets2.com/maps-ets-2/126 ... p-411.html if this can help you find ;)


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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#24 Post by Wolfi » 08 Oct 2013 06:08

To be honest I would really like to connect Promods and TSM maps maybe then they would create something interresting.
I did play with TSM and I found those challengind mountain roads fun to drive but those desert roads were a pain in the butt :P Long almost flad road with no challenge at all (and usually without any turns :P).
But honestly Promods isn't really better in that case. Ok they do have great scenery and cities they made are really beautifull. But still roads are long, straight and non challenging at all. (although those new huge highway intersections make a small challenge, as even gps is unable to work on them properly :P)
Just don't get me wrong - I do like both of the mods as they add variety to the game and it's always fun to explore new roads.
But it would be alot better if they were more unique. (one way bumpy forrest roads, tight streets in some cities blocked with parked cars, etc.)

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#25 Post by amycashtime13 » 08 Oct 2013 10:07

Yeah, I know what you're saying, but then again the real world has a lot of long straight roads. I've driven the Australian Outback in Extreme Trucker 2, miles of flat open desert ( like the famous 90 Mile Straight). And you should try the Russia map! 1000+ kms of snow and ice. You can barely see the road :? . Mind you, that does have proper physics built in, so there's plenty of slipping and sliding to keep you awake. The TSM mountain roads reminded me of driving the Yungas Road in Bolivia (again, ET2), but thankfully a lot wider, and without the enormous drops at the side :o

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#26 Post by Theosz » 09 Oct 2013 16:19

Amy_N wrote:That is good news as I was busy with 4.0 when the patch and Going East came out and it wouldn't work anymore.

One question I still have is that it is still not compatible with ProMod's Scandinavian map?

So you can't have TSM 4.1.0, Going East with 1.5.2 and ProMod's map working together which is a shame.

I still have hope that these maps can be installed in one/same profile.

it is boring be two or further profiles to use this maps and I have some problems in this situation.
Brazil, shanty towns... :-(

ETS2 v1.13 v1.16 v1.19 v1.20 v1.21 v1.22 v1.23 v1.24 v1.25!.


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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#27 Post by BelGarion » 26 Oct 2013 07:12

Yeah, I just got the 4.1.2 of TSM and, on a first impression, mind = blown. Perhaps if the TSM team got hired in by SCS, even as contract workers, and incorporated and polished their maps and make it as a DLC. I'd pay for it, it adds *so* much stuff to the map. As for adding Africa, heck, that's fine, I'd be even ok adding in China and Korea as it's a hop south of Siberia. Most of our stuff, at least here in the States, is made in China and Taiwan, so a *lot* of shipping potential in China. >.< Imagine a trip from Hong Kong to Paris? :D Up and over the Urals, could put in some tight winding switch back roads with steep drops off the side and breath taking views. :D But enough rambling. Can't wait until I get more time to finish my trip to Athens. 40 hour trip and so far, not disappointed, only one tiny quirk outside of Brno just before the A2, saw a 4 way intersection with a stop sign and signal lights. Should have taken a photo, ah well. :(

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Some problems TSMap 4.1

#28 Post by lopesmem » 01 Nov 2013 00:28



only solution. The truck turned boat



others problems



Para toda Problemática existe Solucionática
(Odorico Paraguassú)

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#29 Post by kal101 » 03 Nov 2013 03:26

is the latest tsm map compatiable with ets2 1.7?

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Re: TSM 4.1.0 mod

#30 Post by Baba Origley » 03 Nov 2013 12:00

current upload version 4.12a :arrow: ETS 2 v1.70
States of Guernsey


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