Company addon v1.9 [Schumi] [1.39]

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#251 Post by kjdesigns_2000 » 30 Apr 2020 12:48

Kororuz wrote:
26 Mar 2020 15:28
Author, what about ATS?
Yes, ATS also please.

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#252 Post by dakar2008 » 02 May 2020 20:56

@Schumi Love your Company Addon, but could you consider making the IKEA company base less crowded, getting a fine every time a drive out from there company because of a truck that i parked just in front of the exit lane and another one on the other site, it's impossible to get out of there without hitting one of them, maybe just move the truck a little back from the exit so there is possible space to get out if your drive precise enough?... else keep up the good work...

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#253 Post by Finder » 09 May 2020 18:30

@Schumi probably this mod causes game crash if you drive near one of four remodeled city from France. For example when I drove near Reims ETS 2 stop working, but after off Company addon from mod manager all is fine and I can drive further.

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#254 Post by JoeySteele » 14 May 2020 19:50

Please update this to 1.37! One of my fave mods and i dont want it to break my game!

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#255 Post by JURGEN254 » 19 May 2020 12:26

Hi,@Schumi any update on this for 1.37

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#256 Post by xeviax » 19 May 2020 12:35

@Schumi, waiting for the update. Hope it will be released soon.

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#257 Post by kjdesigns_2000 » 22 May 2020 15:51

Strange but i have not experienced any crash with this mod. Where exactly is it happening for you guys ?

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#258 Post by mayconjohnatan1607 » 24 May 2020 15:23

I was wondering if you could create a single company mod with the logo, the company's add-ons animated. if you can tell me the value.

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.7 [Schumi] [1.36]

#259 Post by Nick2332f » 01 Jun 2020 13:19

are you going to update this?

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Re: [REL] Company addon v1.8 [Schumi] [1.37]

#260 Post by Schumi » 15 Jun 2020 05:54

Version 1.8:
- The mod is adapted to patch version 1.37

Download link for new version at the bottom of the first post

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

Connect this mod in the manager above the mod Real company logo
Mods custom made do not make!!!

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