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TomTom voices pack

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Re: TomTom voices pack

#31 Post by Rocket455Man » 27 Oct 2020 18:07


I have steam version of game but I have small SSD to games and my C: drive have enough space of mods.
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Re: TomTom voices pack

#32 Post by aberfeldy » 02 Jan 2021 12:14

First of all thank you for the mod, I like it a lot.
Jusst one thing: the "turn left" for the lithuanian voice seems wrong, it just says "at the and of the road/street (translated)" . The other ones like "keep left" are fine.

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Re: TomTom voices pack

#33 Post by Koen » 03 Jan 2021 14:52

@aberfeldy That's odd. It might be that specific junction where the game picks the wrong text, because I cannot find anything wrong with the audio itself.

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Re: TomTom voices pack

#34 Post by aberfeldy » 04 Jan 2021 16:23

Thanks for the quick reply. So I get it on every "turn left" or "... and then turn left" regardless where I should turn left. I checked the ogg's downloaded from the workshop and it's playing the correct file, just that the content is wird. So maybe it's something the Vladas voice is doing wrong on tomtom's end already.

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Re: TomTom voices pack

#35 Post by BenjaminAsher1st » 05 Feb 2021 20:38

Could we get the TomTom Susan Voice in the mod?

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