Real Economy Reloaded

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Real Economy Reloaded

#1 Post by NiHao » 24 May 2020 09:13

For some reason I never posted this mod here even it‘s almost 3 years old in Steam Workshop (28 Aug, 2017), so here it is…

DONWLOAD link ... 1122282180

Mod is regularly updated as you can see there are 129 updates so far. Only twice I didn‘t update mod in a month and both times I had PC hardware failure(s) :(.
1) Currency update at the beginning of every month.
2) Diesel prices updated once per week (this happens 2-3x per month).
3) Ferries and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle prices are updated once per month when publish them.
4) Mod is always updated when the new version of ETS 2 is out.

If you have suggestions, please write. I‘m open to read everything and in the past I added some features and changed things.

Another economy mod. It is loosely inspired by other eco mods and is close to reality as is possible but not too much grindy plus it‘s impossible to have
fully realistic game for various reasons. Mod is for players who like to roleplay. Currency is Euro but I updated inside game other 13 currencies monthly
average compared to Euro. I used ECB site and it‘s updated for April 2020 average.

Mod supports v1.35.x+. No guarantee it will work properly with the previous versions of game (v1.33.x and v1.34.x).
Mod supports base game + all map DLCs (East + Scandinavia + France + Italia + Baltic + Black Sea).
Mod supports RusMap and probably doesn't support other map mod like ProMods, TruckSim, and so on.

For the full experience:
1) Please use Realistic Fuel Consumption in Gameplay Options.
2) Don‘t use Autopass feature in Norway (read more in main info).

For the best experience, start the new profile. Basic quick info about mod:
- The prices of diesel, ferries and tolls are as IRL.
- Reworked loans and added insurance.
- Reworked traffic fines.
- Reworked experience, rewards and revenues.

FULL changelog:

Code: Select all

1) Diesel prices are as IRL. is used as source and are mostly regularly updated (once per week).

2) Ferry prices are adjusted as IRL for standard cars. Ferry prices for lorries (freight) are too much for game simulation! I used April average from and 
it is updated once per month when they publish average prices. Only exception is Esbjerg – Hull as it doesn‘t exist any more.
Corrected time travel for many routes to be as IRL.
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle prices are as IRL for standard cars. I used February average from and it is updated once per month when they publish average prices.

3) Tolls are also adjusted as IRL as of August 2017. One year later they are basically the same.
In Austria, Arlberg tunnel is 16,51 €, Bosrock is 8,79 €, and Gleinalm is 21,43 € (average for all emission classes and day/night). 
Polish tolls are payed per km, exhaust emission limits and weight. I used over 12 t and E5 class (0,06 € per km). 
Italian tolls are 0,16 € per km (average between classes 4 and 5). 
French tolls are calculated by me ~0,27 € per km (class 4) except for 4 separate routes but they are similarly priced. 
Oresund Bridge (Sweden) is 66 € for lorries (yearly passage but ofc not possible in the game) and Storebaelt Bridge (Denmark) is 158 € for lorries. 
For Norway I used x2 for vehicles over 3,5 t as per If you use Autopass you‘ll pay more as is in vanilla game because it‘s hard coded and can‘t be changed.

4) Loans can be taken at 50k, 150k, 350k and 850k size. 
Interest rate is very low as IRL.

5) You can take the first loan after 10 quick jobs and when you hit lvl 3. Limit is 150k.
At lvl 7 limit is raised to 700k, at lvl 12 to 1.700k, at lvl 20 to 3.400k, and at lvl 36 at 7.650k.

6) Added insurance (copied from ATS; values are changed) but it's not like a real insurance...

7) Some traffic fines are much lowered:
car crash is 0 (it‘s payed by insurance plus awful AI who likes to crash into you and you pay for it…) // avoid sleeping is 150 // wrong way is 100 // speeding is 140 
(average for countries inside game outside absurd Norway) // no lights during night is 150 // red lights is 130 (average for countries inside game outside absurd 
Norway and Estonia) avoid weighing is 350 // illegal trailer is 500 // avoid inspection is 450 // illegal border crossing is 1000 // hard shoulder violation is 150 //
hard shoulder violation is 150 // damaged vehicle usage is 250. 

8) Increased timer for some traffic offences and adjusted probability. There is no socialist scaling of fines based on experience level as is in vanilla game.

9) Increased experience points for the next level but not to be too much grindy.

10) Introduced slight wear of cabin and chassis and lowered wear of engine, transmission and wheel to be more realistic (most IRL lorry engines are services at 120k km).

11) Lorry to trailer damage is much lower and cabin damage ratio is slightly lowered.

12) Lorry and its parts refund is 75% (in vanilla game is 35%). For buying lorry online you need 7 owned one (5 in vanilla game).
The prices of small garage and upgraded one are halved (90k + 50k) from vanilla game.
Productivity plans are much lowered (5,5k, 16,5k and 27,5k). 
Fuel discount in garage is increased from vanilla 15% to 21% as this is the average VAT rate of 19 countries in the game.

13) Abandoned job fine is 1k.
Cargo damage cost is increased from 5 to 20 € per 1% of damage and cost factor is lowered from 4% to 1%.

14) Simulation average speed is lowered to more realistic 50 km/h (in base game is 62 km/h).
Maximum driving time is lowered from 11 to 9 hours as IRL.
Sleeping time is increased from 9 to 10 hours.
Hurry up timer is lowered from 114 to 60 minutes.
Cargo validity max is increased from 30 to 36 hours.
Tow base price is doubled (300) but factor is lowered from 0,4 to 0,3.
Refuel price factor is halved from 3 to 1,5.

15) Quick jobs and AI drivers‘ revenues are 25 € fixed.
Revenue coefficient used during quick job and drivers jobs is decreased from 0,67 to 0,02.
Revenue coefficient used during cargo market jobs for drivers is decreased from 0,70 to 0,03.
Driver hire cost is 500 €.
Driver quitwarn time is increased from 3 to 5 days and quit time from 5 to 14 days.

16) Job distance limit at 4 is increased from 1.100 to 1.250 km and at 5 from 1.500 to 1.750 km.

17) Freight market revenue is 40 € fixed + 1 € per km as IRL.
Revenue coefficient per km used during freight market jobs is decreased from 0,9 to 0,05.
Revenue coefficient per km used during cargo market jobs is decreased from 1,0 to 0,06.

18) Max eco consumption skill is lowered from 35% to 25%.

19) Reward bonuses scale from 1% to 6% per skill level. It's flat 5% in vanilla game.

20) Experience points for free roam are lowered from 0,5 to 0,33 per km and for road discovery from 0,8 to 0,66 per km.
Experience for various types of cargos is lowered by 4% flat. Penalty for late delivery is still the same (40%).
Experience bonus for easy parking is 20, for medium is 50 and for hard is 125.
Experience bonus (doubles) for easy is 30, for medium is 75 and for hard is 185.
Experience bonus for manually parking trailer during loading phase of the job is 20.

21) Trailers unlock level is at level 7 (in vanilla game is 5).

22) Added renminbi currency as per request.
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Re: Real Economy Mod by NiHao

#2 Post by psyko616 » 24 May 2020 10:31

Hi, very nice. But why is it not compatible with promods or other maps? do maps change the economy?

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Re: Real Economy Mod by NiHao

#3 Post by NiHao » 24 May 2020 11:02

Mod should work with map mods, but it‘s not about errors. It‘s about additional countries – they have ther own diesel prices plus additional ferries and maybe tolls.

I could support RusMap as it probably only adds just Belarus. Actually, in the past I supported it until Baltic DLC was released.

So for example if you use ferry (not in vanilla) and price is like in vanilla game, you are going to lose a lot of money.

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Re: Real Economy Reloaded - update

#4 Post by NiHao » 28 May 2020 22:47

Mod has the new name to match other two Reloaded mods :D.
New mod picture to reflect change.
Diesel prices updated (once per week) as of 25th of May.
Added support for RusMap.

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Re: Real Economy Reloaded - update

#5 Post by NiHao » 03 Jun 2020 06:47

Huge milestone - mod reached 10k subscribers on Saturday, almost after 3 years :mrgreen:.
Eco mods are not popular so it's all right. Also, on Friday and Saturday mod had really huge jump in subsribers obviously driven by my newly released company mod :).

Minor update of currencies from ECB site for May average.
Diesel prices updated (once per week) as of 1st of June.
Added Belarusian ruble as a currency.

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