MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2431 Post by Soundwave » 13 Apr 2020 19:09

Hahaha, goodness me... I must be getting old. Sorry about that.

Upgrading to 2.2 fixed both my TGX and E6 cables. Thank you so much for pointing out my silliness @LadenSwallow !

All the best from Iceland!
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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2432 Post by breizhdave » 18 Apr 2020 20:40

Hello despite the 1.35 fix installed and having the right rims and tires front and rear (280/60) I cannot couple the krone megaliner trailers from Sogard without damaging the truck or the trailer because it forces.
Can someone tell me where it can come from?
thank you

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2433 Post by BackboneOne » 25 Apr 2020 14:37

fantastic! how on earth have you managed to do a rear camera and leave gps intact????

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2434 Post by ktruckd » 02 May 2020 01:30

can some help me/fix something with the mod?

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2435 Post by Frozen1 » 06 May 2020 04:50

How are MADsters's mods going? 1.37 is out and it seems we havent had a proper version since 1.32 maybe? Only some fixes, but are the mods dead, is MADster doing good? His MANs are one of my favs mods.

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2436 Post by dvojinov » 08 May 2020 10:25

Hello there !
Is there any work in progress for 1.37 from MADSTER ?

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2437 Post by OberpfalzTrucker » 08 May 2020 11:41

The TGX from Madster is currently running at 1.37 with the fix for 1.36 which was offered for download here in the article without any problems for me. But I also hope that a real update will come from him someday. The MAN is simply the best truck.
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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2438 Post by Mondo.N » 11 May 2020 12:08

I made a 1.37 fix. If you like, please use it.
- Openable windows
- EVR's sound adapted to FMOD
- pmg format adapted to 1.35
- Adapted to HS-Schoch Tuning pack

You need original v2.2.
And sorry, you can't choose side window decals any longer.

Download ...
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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2439 Post by rookie_one » 11 May 2020 13:46

Thanks Mondo!

Also have to ask, does it cover the TGX euro5 too ?

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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

#2440 Post by BooRoK » 11 May 2020 13:48

and the TGA as well? :)

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