RJL Scania G & 4-series addon v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]

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Re: RJL Scania G & 4-series addon v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]

#651 Post by NARS » 17 Nov 2020 12:00

Skoot wrote:
17 Nov 2020 05:55
But there's a warning lamp especially for that purpose, ain't it?
Really?... :o Where is it?... I don`t see it! :D And i`m not even referring to that! ;)

The exclusive is okay because it represents the "more modern" dashboard, the 2000`s one after the euro 3 engines were introduced, especially the 16 liter ones.

But thanks anyway for the info! Thought it was happenning only on my side... Althought not realistic it was of great usefulness in the past! :)

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Re: RJL Scania 4-series addon V2.2.4 [1.35] [8.6.2019]

#652 Post by celikosman » 21 Dec 2020 23:44

Wolfseye wrote:
02 Nov 2020 08:49
I just read some with a blinker issue, can I ask if that is also solvable under 1.38 ? Because as it is now, since I dont play without Promods, that will take quite some time before that is ready for 1.39 as well. Right now I am using the RJL Scania T, but i noticed something with blinkers that I dont know if that is what was referred to here.

When I use the blinker on the Scania T, its laggy inside the cabin. Kinda like in the rhythm of the blinker. Is that the issue you were referring to ? That also doesnt show from the outside camera, but only inside.
I wonder if that was what you guys mean.

Hi everyone,

I exactly need the same fix as Wolfseye needed some time ago. I am running my game on 1.38 and blinkers don't show up on R4 and T4's dashboard. Or let me know if I can solve the issue on my own.


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Re: RJL Scania G & 4-series addon v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]

#653 Post by Kamil48 » 24 Dec 2020 19:26

NARS wrote:
16 Nov 2020 20:02
@RJL Did you removed the dashboard info on the 4 series normal interior?... :?: I`m referring to the "digital" one next to the one that displays the lifted axle warning... :!:
Perhaps is just a bug on my side... :oops:
See picture for reference
It does me too. I solved the problem like this. Save the game with camera 1 (interior). Quit the game, turn it back on and load save.

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Re: RJL Scania G & 4-series addon v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]

#654 Post by Mohammad » 24 Dec 2020 19:28

RJL did remove the dashboard info on the normal interiors and replaced the ones in the Exclusive Interior with a classic one

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Re: RJL Scania G & 4-series addon v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]

#655 Post by worksgr8 » 25 Dec 2020 19:25

hey does anybody have a modified version of powerkasi scania rs addons for the scania r4 t and t4 with all the correct lines and everything to stop collisions and stuff?

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