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RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 | 4 DLC & Ver. REQUIRED | 06.03.2021

Posted: 26 Jan 2020 20:58
by Remon Pnoill Israil
On 06.03.2021, RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012 have been updated to Ver.


You have no permission to upload this mod on other website or change the download link.

You must have EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 latest version.

4 DLC required to use this mod:

dlc_balt "Beyond the Baltic Sea"
dlc_it "Italia"
dlc_north "Scandinavia"
dlc_volvo_tuning_pack "FH Tuning Pack"

Other ways it will be Incompatible.

Latest mod version content on:

5 Cabins, 4 Original and 1 Additional
91 Chassis, 7 Original and 84 Additional. (4x2, 6x2_4, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4, 8x6, 10x4, 10x6 and 10x10) normal, long, low deck, mitlift and taglift. (6x2, 6x2_4, 6x4, 8x4 and 8x6) tandem
18 New Engines.
8 New Transmissions.
4 Original Interiors.
Over 230 Paint Jobs ( If you have all DLC ).
All Original Accessories + Tandem bodies, Tandem cargos, Headlights, Sideskirts, Fenders, Rear Bumpers, Middle Exhausts, LED and lights bar for side deflector, Small Lights, Text Logo, Angel Eyes Lights, Reverse Camera and Customize Markers.
All Original Interior Accessories + Glass Hookup, Toyhang, Light Boards and Interior Back Lights.
Dolly Trailers (included Double und HCT).
Tandem trailers.
FMOD sound effects.
Left-Right windows animation.
Tuning for SCS, Dolly and Tandem trailers.
Dynamix Heavy Duty tires.


You must unrar the mod file before you move it into the euro truck simulator 2 mod folder.




Could be some errors


Remon Pnoill Israil Enwia ( RPIE ).

Download latest mod version here*

* | ( Always same version as EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 version )

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Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 14:59
by Frenchy
Hello, your work is excellent and I appreciate it very much because there is only one SCS like Flemming and not like certain other moder ... Another big congratulations !!! ;)

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 15:17
by Remon Pnoill Israil
Thank you for using my mod and have fun with it.

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 27 Jan 2020 18:30
by marcoli690

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 28 Jan 2020 03:02
by Neranjana

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 30 Jan 2020 11:04
by craziie
I watched the video that Fox on the Box put out, and noticed it only had 4 cabin options? Any chance of getting a stealth black interior added in ?

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 30 Jan 2020 17:15
by Remon Pnoill Israil
*Quote Removed - Do not quote the post directly above!*

You watched the video!!! but you didn't tested???
The 5th cabin option it's only for tandem chassis (Sleeper, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL, Globetrotter XL Heavy Duty and Globetrotter XL Tandem)

About getting a stealth black interior??? My answer will be no sorry.
You can add it be yourself.

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 31 Jan 2020 11:29
by Russ469
@Remon Pnoill Israil
Firstly i would like to say well done. This is a wonderful mod. I want to make some skins for the Tandem. With the tandem trailer, do i use the scs trailer templates? Secondly, is there a template for the cargo box on the truck? Lastly, do i use the standard volvo templates for the truck? I have the templates done by IJ for the scs trucks. Are these ok?

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 31 Jan 2020 12:01
by Remon Pnoill Israil
Hi and thank you
You can use the SCS trailer templates for trailer and the cargo box on the truck too. For the truck you can use the standard Volvo template.
You can message me anytime if you have problems.

Re: RPIE VOLVO FH16 2012

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 21:10
by Russ469
@Remon Pnoill Israil
Quick question. With the tandem part of your mod, if I select one of the dolly trailers, say one with 6 wheels, so it will be a normal length trailer, do I need to have a separate mod to enable doubles everywhere, or is it already part of the mod. Have had a look inside the mod, but only for the internal names to make an XML File for modsstudio2 for the skins. Many thanks, really enjoying your mod