Ekeri trailers by Kast (13.05.22)

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Ekeri trailers by Kast (13.05.22)

#1 Post by kast » 12 Feb 2018 19:13

Ekeri trailers, there is selection of variants in freight market: standard, steeraxle, citytrailer, huckepack, tail-lift, cooler, different lights, doubles, different side covers, real company skins ...
Ownable trailers has been added with many variants, standard 4m and 4,4m seitrailers, stepframe, citytrailer, doubles. Pluss all kinds of customisable options.
NB! 19.5rims may be a bitt hassle for now. Maybe in the future there is option to categorise the wheels or sometihng. ust make sure proper wheels are used on right trailers :)
Main mod restricts doubles only in scandinavia, same as vanilla game!
[ external image ]

[ external image ]
Game version 1.44.x

Pack includes
-19 variants of the Ekeri trailers
-Lumikko, Carrier coolers
-Real company skins
-Double trailers
-own wheels
-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Company paintjob system
-Animated braces
-Trailer cables
-Ownable trailers
-Trailer in traffic

Changes in 2.2.4:
-1.44 compatibility

Changes in 2.2.3:
-1.43 compatibility

Changes in v2.2.2
-Missing textures fixed

Changes in v2.2.1
-Update to 1.40.x

Changes in v2.2
-New Thermoking Advancer series cooler units added.
-material errors fixed

Download v2.2.4 - Ekeri trailers

Steam Workshop - Ekeri trailers (1.37.x-1.44.x)

(Please do not reupload. If you want to share mod use original link)
Download - Addon, no restrictions for double trailers

Download - templates for all the trailers

If you like to support my work, consider
[ external image ]

Kast - Trailers
SCS - Everything :D

Skins, textures:

Semitrailer wheels
Abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model
50keda - low poly base
Kast - wheels

Mid-axle and jumbo trailer wheels

Flares for the LEDs:

Many thanks and respect to all who helped with the trailers. I hope you all enjoy the trailers, and be kind with it :)
Some pics:
[ external image ]

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

Changes in v2.1.3:
-updated to 1.38.x

Changes in v2.1.2:
-bug fixes
-Update to 1.37

Changes in v2.1.1:
-Chassis adjusted
-Sidecovers reworked
-bug fixes

Changes in v2.1:
-Hultsteins cooler added
-Converted and updated to game version 1.35.x
-Body locator position moved

Changes in v2.0.6:
-3 side mounted reefers added for doubles last trailer
-New parts for some trailers at the back, Toolboxes, Waste water tanks

Changes in v2.0.5:
-Ekeri Ledline D22/D33 lights added
-Fixed some parts
-one trailer added to traffic

Changes in v2.0.4:
Small bug fixes

Changes in v2.0.3:
-Fixed some parts
-Some files adjusted for tandem addon
-Restriction addons updated

Changes in v2.0.1:
-Soft top box variant added
-missing parts in paintjob added
-missing ui icons added
-added 19.5" rims/parts paintable/chrome
-wheel locator position changed

Changes in v2.0:
-Ownable trailers added
-restriction addons updated
-templates updated

Changes in v1.6.1:
-vertex paint and AO adjusted

hanges in v1.6:
-Some new skins
-fixes and adjustments
-Finland added to double trailers
-wheel_f_1... removed

Changes in v1.5:
-Intermodel with huckepack variant added

Changes in v1.4:
-Update to game version 1.31.x
-Trailer Cables support

Changes in v1.3.1:
-fixed 2 skins (EEK, GF)
-Steer axle trailer lod model variant fixed

Changes in v1.3:
-4.4m trailer added
-new skins for 4.4m trailers by Fabry85
-New skins by Ogentor added
-19.5" Wheel def files renamed
-Minor fixes
-templates updated(4.4m trailer)

Changes in v1.2:
-Jumbo trailer height adjusted to 4.3m
-Carrier cooler added for some trailers
-New wheels by Abasstreppas for jumbo trailer added

Changes in v1.1:
-Two variants of the STEP-FRAME SEMI-TRAILERS added
-New skins
-some fixes

Changes in 1.0.1:
-Fixed some of the flares
-Lightmask problems with reverse lights fixed

Download v2.2.3 - Ekeri trailers
Download v2.2.2 - Ekeri trailers
Download v2.2 - Ekeri trailers
Download v2.1.3 - Ekeri trailers
Download v2.1.2 - Ekeri trailers
Download v2.0.6 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.6.1 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.4 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.3.1 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.3 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.2 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.1 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
Download v1.0.1 - [color=#00BFFF]Ekeri trailers
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#2 Post by LucasT95 » 12 Feb 2018 19:14

Damn dude...so awesome :O

Thanks :D
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#3 Post by willy1962 » 12 Feb 2018 19:16

WOW !!! Thanks.
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#4 Post by saper8664a » 12 Feb 2018 19:17

Thanks, kast!
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#5 Post by JUseeTV » 12 Feb 2018 19:22

Thank you so much Kast! :D
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#6 Post by Asphroxia » 12 Feb 2018 19:23

Many thanks for the release :D my DAF appreciates it a lot!

[ external image ]
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#7 Post by Micho014 » 12 Feb 2018 19:29

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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#8 Post by jhonnx » 12 Feb 2018 19:43

WOW thanks @Kast
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#9 Post by MarcusDG » 12 Feb 2018 19:45

Hallelujah !! Tonight I'm trucking in style thanks to Kast Industries 8-)
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Re: Ekeri trailers by Kast

#10 Post by Csabee » 12 Feb 2018 19:59

YEEAS! Thanks a lot! :o 8-)
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