Automecanica Medias Reefer

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#41 Post by CobraBlue6 » 21 Dec 2019 19:14

@BK Vissers go ahead and post the link mate ;)

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BK Vissers
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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#42 Post by BK Vissers » 21 Dec 2019 20:32

Thanks for the permission, @CobraBlue6.

I'm sure that whatever MADster and CobraBlue6 do when they are able to will be an improvement over what I've done, but while you're waiting, here is my version of this trailer for 1.36. It's in my dropbox account. I did not want to put it on any host where I make money from it. ...

So what's up with this version?

* The trailer is updated to 1.36 animations and file types.
* The trailer works with SCS cargoes, which means you will never have to worry about new companies or cargoes not being included.
* The trailer has both company skins and SCS company skins (this was not part of my work).
* The trailer is 100% error/warning free.

What is not in this version? I do not know Blender, so

* I cannot make it own-able
* I cannot add cables

@MADster or @CobraBlue6 - feel free to incorporate my work, you have my permission, of course. Also if at any time you wish me to stop sharing this mod just let me know.

Some pics:

Company Skin

SCS company skin:


Notes: To find this trailer in freight market, remember that it uses the Refrigerated cargo type. That means that anywhere where a refrigerated trailer can be found with available cargo, you can go to that location and use the gear icon to select this trailer instead of what the game offers.

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#43 Post by Nektarios543 » 21 Dec 2019 20:37

well at least that will do as we waiting to be ownable and with trailer cables

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#44 Post by brunetelu23 » 17 Apr 2020 09:43

Can you make it as owned trailer please ?

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#45 Post by pit7472 » 31 Aug 2020 15:39

The trailer runs on 1.38, is it possible to make the trailer owned and with cable?

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#46 Post by PikPikker » 04 Jan 2021 11:45

I was asked to make this great trailer ownable, so here you go! ...
Make sure you are using BK Vissers version and put my mod above the trailer in the mod manager.
There are some bugs like incorrect wheel position after customizing, so I made each basic skin in the market, just choose what you need and don't customize the trailer.
If you want custom skins for the ownable version:
1) Install your skin
2) Go to def/vehicle/trailer_owned/auto_medias/paint_job
3) Duplicate itia.sii file
4) Make a custom name for your skin in the line 3: "accessory_paint_job_data : [skin name].auto_medias.paint_job"
5) Change the name, but it's not necessary
6) Define your skin in the line 10: "paint_job_mask: "/vehicle/trailer_eu/auto_medias/skins/[skin name].tobj"
7) Go to def/vehicle/trailer_dealer/auto_medias
8) Duplicate autro_medias_itia.sii file
9) Change line 31: "data_path: "/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/auto_medias/paint_job/[skin file name].sii" - here goes your skin file name your gave in that directory
10) Done! Go to the market and find the trailer with your custom skin
Also, I am currently working on adding cables to the trailer, but my success is not that good, and I can't say when and whether it will be done.

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#47 Post by samgt13 » 04 Jan 2021 12:01

You are the best my friend !!
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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#48 Post by PikPikker » 04 Jan 2021 13:26

Here go some good news:
You can download the new version with cables below: ...
All bugs remain, the process of making skins is described in my previous post.
Don't forget you have to use BK Vissers version put below my mod.

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#49 Post by Kuschlik » 04 Jan 2021 20:54

Thank you very much! :)

Edit: Is there a way to paint the trailer rims?

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Re: Automecanica Medias Reefer

#50 Post by Walter_Wolf » 04 Jan 2021 21:09

Kuschlik wrote:
04 Jan 2021 20:54
Thank you very much! :)

wher i can foudn skin trailer?

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