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Lost Virtual Skinworks (requests closed for now)

Posted: 14 Sep 2019 00:13
by Lost Virtual

Hello there and welcome to my page! I like to make truck and trailer skins and share them to the public.
I Hope you like them :)

Feel free to use any part of my skins for your own work! (just please put my name in the credits)

I do ATS Trucks as well! my page for that is here!

Requests are closed for now! It will be back up when I get through most of my back log!

Trucks requests in queue 6

The more there are the longer it will be for me to do your requests. Here's a list of them in order!

released skins

1. P. van de Wouw Transport combo

2. Bjarne Nielsen Skin Pack

3. Woodtrans AB Scania R combo

4. Bulgaria companies skin pack

5. Tennant Transport Daf xf 105

6. Polet Transport volvo 2012 fh combo

7. Wolter Koops Scania Skin Pack

8. Hameleers Skin Pack

9. Nothegger Skin Pack

10. Klanatrans DAF XF 105

11. Unitruc Skin Pack

12. Jarno ter Horst Scania 4 Series

13. Robert J Joiner Scania 4 Series combo

14. Scania 4 Series Millennium Edition

15. Transporti Horvatić MAN TGX E6

16. International Road Ferry Mercedes Skin Pack

17. Røling Transport Scania R Combo

18. Kenneth Huys Scania R Combo

19. Scania Top Class Edition

20. Scania The King Edition

21. Thermo Transit Volvo FH Combo

22. Van Der Vlist Skin Pack

23. Transport Leśny Style man tgs/tgx

24. Acargo gmbh Scania Skin Pack

25. Jan C. Swijnenburg SCS Trailer Pack

26. Henrik Hansen Skin Pack

27. Kos Transporti Skin Pack

28. Christoffer Fjeld Scania 4 Series

29. Monte Carlo Volvo F16

30. Van Vliet Contrans Daf XF Combo

31. FBT Logistics Skin Pack

32. Groenenboom Scania Skin Pack

33. Stragatrans MAN TGX E6 Combo

34. Van Der Hart Scania 4 Series

35. Sem Trade Scania 5 series Combo

36. Milch Transports NG Scania R

37. Demstrup Autotransport Scania S Combo

38. Volvo F16 Volvo Power

39. Vijator Volvo FH 2012

40. Van Moer Daf XF Combo

41. Armesa Logistica/Valselog Coop Skin Pack

42. Sabrina Trans Radovis Man Skin Pack

43. Puukuljetus Vesala Oy NG Scania R

44. Nijdam Transport Daf XF E6 Combo

45. Lang Logistik MAN TGX Combo

46. Svempa Bergendahl RJL Scania Limited Edition #000

47. Sparta Logistics Mercedes-Benz MP4 Combo

48. Trafema Transportes Volvo FH Combo Pack

49. Gebr de Kraker Scania NG R Combo

50. Grundhöfer Transporte Scania R Combo

51. Goris Transport Scania Skin Pack

52. Nick Willigenburg Volvo FH Combo

53. EMSA Sped Skin Pack

54. Blumen Market Scania S Skin Pack

55. Krone Huckepack Skin Pack

56. Eddie Stobart Scania R Laura Jane

57. Navigator Transport Scania S

58. Rüttners Transport Scania 4 Series Combo

I also have a Steam Workshop page as well!


All my skins and requests are COMPLETELY FREE! But I do take donations here
which are greatly appreciated!

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 18 Sep 2019 22:31
by Lost Virtual
P. van de Wouw Transport combo

Special thanks to DaStig for the colored wheel base. :)

Code: Select all

1.3.1 updated def files for Eugene rework

1.3 updated Cistern Menci trailer  

1.2 added all the Accessories from the Scania Rework by Eugene some more minor improvements.

1.1 changed skin form new Scania R to new Scania S and some minor improvements.

1.0 release.



Comes with...

Next Gen scania S (Eugene rework compatible)


Cistern Menci by MDModder


powerkasi Lightbox


abasstreppas wheelpack paintjob


also recommended!



Download ... 1.scs.html

Steam workshop ... 2185942336

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 16 Oct 2019 20:05
by Lost Virtual
Bjarne Nielsen Skin Pack


fixed sunshield and tweaked some def files on new gen scania

Added RJL Scania 4 Series! (topline and normal)

Added powerkasi lightboxes,
working customs fuel tanks,roofgrills and sunshields for 4 series

Made improvements to Next Generation Scania r

Initial release




Comes with...

RJL Scania 4 Series (topline and normal)

Next Gen scania R (Eugene rework compatible)

abasstreppas wheels paintjop

50k-addons lightboxes


powerkasi lightboxes, working customs fuel tanks,roofgrills and sunshields


DOWNLOAD ... 1.scs.html

Steam Workshop ... 2185958376

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 16 Oct 2019 20:50
by weejohn67
nice work,thanks for sharing

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 16 Oct 2019 21:45
by Lost Virtual
No problem! Thanks :D

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 19:00
by Lost Virtual
The p. van de wouw transport skin combo has been updated to work with the new Menci trailer update!

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 12 Nov 2019 01:09
by Lost Virtual
Woodtrans AB Scania R combo

Code: Select all

 v1.1 side trim overhauled, added colored sideskirts 
 v1.0 initial release



Comes with...

RJL Scania R

Scs log tralier

For logging tandem configuration.

Scania R RJL Rigid Forest Parts by Teklic

Trailers - SCS Rigids by Teklic

Also Recommended

50k-addons and wheels



[powerkasi] Light & Accessory pack


[powerkasi] Scania RS Addons


Download ... 1.scs.html

Steam Workshop ... 2186738320

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 22:34
by Lost Virtual


Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 23:01
by Lost Virtual
Here's something I've made to complement the release of the road to the black sea.

Bulgaria companies skin pack

Code: Select all


v1.1.4 made sunshield for Formula F man a standalone accessory

v1.1.3 added volvo tuning DLC items, added discordia standalone lightbox/small updates to discordia skins

v1.1.2 small improvements to Stefi Scania and Pimk SCS Trailer,fixes to Pimk krone def files

v1.1.1 small improvements and fixes to Ilva and Magdak skins

v1.1 changelog here



whats included?

Logis / Mercedes Actros mp2 and mp3 + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Stefi / (RJL) scania R 5 series

Discordia / (ohaha/schumi) Volvo fh classic / standalone lightbox + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Ilva / Renault Range T + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Rumiana Hinkova / Daf XF 105 + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Formula F / (madster) MAN TGX Euro 5 and standalone sunshield

Petko Angelov BG / (ohaha/schumi) Volvo fh classic

AIT International Transport / Daf XF 106 euro 6

Formula 2 / volvo fh 2012 (Eugene)

Stadi / Scania S + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Pimk LTD / Mercedes Actros mp3 + all traliers (SCS, krone etc)

Magdak / Mercedes Actros mp4 + all curtain traliers (SCS, krone etc)

DOWNLOAD ... 4.scs.html

Steam Workshop ... 2192692959

Re: Lost Virtual Skinworks

Posted: 21 Dec 2019 22:04
by kokalcheto
I tried to install Bulgarian companies skin pack. But they don't appear in the game. I want to choose Petko Angeov BG skin. Found some ohaha/schumi reworked Volvo FH files, but that skin does not appear in Paint job. I am on 1.36. Could you help me?