[DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

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Re: [DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

#421 Post by weejohn67 » 14 Aug 2020 19:09

@BooRoK i wish these people would just be happy someone spends their free time bettering the community, I guess thats why so many skinners no longer create or share for free. i wish i had as much talent as them
Basic Skins for trucks and trailers on Both Games

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Re: [DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

#422 Post by ETS2Fanatic6146 » 15 Aug 2020 06:43

@BooRoK It's too complexy for me and the Megaliner's painting file is too much big.

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Re: [DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

#423 Post by m1keY » 15 Aug 2020 15:43

🤔 templates included in the trailermod, and also skins, not that difficult to use them to make your own ....

otherwise, there are some alternatives to check on .... to skin...but all (well most of them) required the use of the actual skintemplates

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Re: [DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

#424 Post by HighFlyer » 28 Aug 2020 12:50

Either this is a very stupid question, or I am very unlucky.
I've downloaded and added the trailer + skins using Mod Manager, after largely ignoring them for years, because I bought Krone DLC lately, and thought the truck and trailer skins paired together from this pack, look amazing. The skins are not showing up in 1.38; perhaps due to an incompatibility, but the Sogard's trailer works, so skins should too, I'm guessing ? There's an error that might hold an answer. Only default skins show.

//edit: fixed it, turns out I had 2.5 downloaded for some reason but 2.6 works. can I ask why Stute skin does not appear on an Actros ??

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Re: [DISC] Krone Megaliner Skinpack 2.6

#425 Post by Дорожный рассвет » 31 Aug 2020 10:28

HighFlyer,Change the cab.

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