Add the competitions from YETD 2014.

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Add the competitions from YETD 2014.

#1 Post by [DK] Reus » 03 Dec 2014 17:34

Hi SCS Software,
I would like to suggest you adding the new competitions from Young European Truck Driver 2014 over to Scania Truck Driving Simulator, since those competitions that are in the game right now is from 2012, so I would be very happy if these competitions get "refreshed". :)

Thank you for reading this suggestions! :)

- [DK] Reus

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Re: Add the competitions from YETD 2014.

#2 Post by joe_alker » 03 Dec 2014 19:04

I doubt SCS will update this game again now. Too many differences between current version of ETS2 and the last version of STDS. Although I would like a bit more done with this game yes.
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