2 cruise control bugs + and a related request

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2 cruise control bugs + and a related request

#1 Post by stb155 » 29 May 2017 21:59

Game Version: Current, Steam+Auto Update Enabled
Started as: 64bit DirectX

Trucks used: Volvo FH 4*2 and 8*4 with different Opticruise gearboxes.

Game settings: true automatic, normal power mode.

BUG 1:
If cruise control is enabled, i get no kickdown when i press the accelerator fully.
When the truck is going uphill and losing speed already, there is no additional power at all from "pedal to the metal".
(CC is already giving max accelerator, but due to normal power mode selected gear is to high)

Only if i switch off cruise control manually the gearbox shifts down 1-2 gears and i accelerate again.

Regardless of CC setting, transmission mode/program, full accelerator should always give kickdown/maximum acceleration !
(New automatic car i recently drove did a kickdown even with shifter in manual position) .

Bug 2:
Using Retarder (or engine brake) cancels cruise control.
This is really annoying since the retarder kicks in quite late when going downhill, which is accurate and fine for eco-driving.
So often manual retarder has to be used, but then i always have to re-activate CC also manually.

Now i downloaded and read an actual 300page Volvo FH manual, and watched multiple truck videos on YT.
All say that using the auxiliary brakes (right stalk behind steering wheel) does not cancel the cruise control (unless you go below minimum CC speed of 30kph).
You may use them to slow the truck down when it goes over set speed downhill, or to slow it down under set speed due to traffic, but if you put the stalk back to no braking the CC is still active at previous set speed.

btw. they also say that this one stalk controls engine brake, retarder if fitted, and automated gearbox (shifts down to lowest possible gear on strongest setting for max. engine braking)
In ETS2 this all has to be done with separate buttons. And buttons are rare on sim steering wheels...

This leads to my request:
Is it possible to make controls more realistic and simpler ?

Let me explain:
In ETS2 i currently need 7 buttons on my wheel just to control CC and auxiliary brakes.

CC on/off
CC +
CC -
CC restore
Retarder +
Retarder -
Engine brake on (button not switch), so have to hold it always during braking - difficult when also turning the wheel

An actual truck only needs 4.
The auxiliary brake stalk with 4/5 positions, retarder AND engine brake, 3 steps, highest with gearbox max. downshift -> counts for 2 buttons, like currently retarder only in ETS.
(there is also CC cancel, but no one needs it as it cancels also when you tap the foot brake)

With CC-/SET you switch CC on when it is currently off, or reduce set speed when it is already on.
With CC+/RES you increase set speed when CC is already on, or switch on CC with restored previous speed when it is currently off.

simple, effective and realistic , and frees up 3 buttons that we could use for something else (especially for ATS that would be great since additional buttons for range/split selector are needed)

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Re: 2 cruise control bugs + and a related request

#2 Post by Steve Pitts » 05 Jun 2017 20:33

stb155 wrote:
29 May 2017 21:59
(there is also CC cancel, but no one needs it as it cancels also when you tap the foot brake)
Thus causing the vehicle twenty back in the stream behind you to come to a halt (in real life, obviously).

I would never use the brake to cancel cruise control unless I was actually braking. I use the cancel button on my real world cruise control all of the time. I use the cruise control in game the same way as I do in real life and would find it rather off-putting to do otherwise. Just saying. I like the idea of reducing the number of buttons for CC but I would prefer to see three not two, otherwise as you describe.
Cheers, Steve

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