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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5521 Post by AlexxxF1 » 15 Apr 2021 00:16

do you think in Iberia the secondary roads are very different from the highways? it would be almost the same. :D
in Iberia DLC we now have a couple of secondary roads. and I did not see much difference with highways.

in Heart of Russia will be more interesting highways and roads.

for me for sure) a northern cold climate and dense forests are closer to me than a southern hot climate and a deserts) can't wait any longer)

and it was the right choice that the next DLC is not Balkans. there wouldn't be much difference with Iberia. the same southern climate and nature.
and so, alternating contrasts, it is much more interesting to wait for the next DLC. and for me, after the deserts of Iberia, HoR became even more expectant.

Iberia of stunning quality. Industrial zones are just one to one reality. like it's not a game, all one to one from real life. this is the next level of immersion. bravo SCS.
driving a truck in reality, I saw these industrial zones with my own eyes in different countries, and in Iberia DLC they are one to one, just like in real life.
I got great pleasure. I was pleasantly surprised by the work done.

and about the stuttering that someone wrote. now I've visited 42 cities and never got stuttering. always stable 60fps.
let me remind - I am playing on a 10 year old cpu and a 5 year old video card. all settings ultra 400% scale 1080p.

perhaps because I use vertical sync. on in my game setting . and I don't use mods. do not use nvidia sync.
I use only one mod now - off barriers - making them invisible, so that full immersion for me would not be destroyed.

yes, in the early days in Utah and Idaho DLCs, I remember experiencing some occasional stuttering. now everything is in order there. and Iberia is one of the most optimized DLCs that I have seen.
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5522 Post by plinio.lisboa.br » 15 Apr 2021 00:17

As for the lack of secondary roads you are absolutely correct, they decorate attractive and diverse maps. But that would be solved if a route was created on the map of Portugal: Chaves, Vila Real, Peso da Régua, Viseu, Seia, Lousã, Pedrogão Grande, Sertã, Abrantes, Ponte de Sor, Montargil, Mora, Montemor-o-Novo, Alcáçovas, Ferreira do Alentejo, Ajustrel, Castro Verde, Almodôvar, São Brás de Alportel, Estói, on the A22 highway, with existing connection options for Faro and Olhão.

The organization of the map should have the priority of making 3 highway axes in the north-south direction.

Atlantic Axis - Already done in 90% Porto, Lisbon, Sines. The Sines, Aljezur route remains to be done, option is still open: Vila do Bispo (and connection to Sagres) or Lagos as a destination.

I particularly like the alternative of the route through Vila do Bispo because it allows us to make the N125 highway, so it allows us to make the city of Lagos and connect to this part of Portugal that is so beautiful that it is the region of Sagres.

Central axis (mountains and mountains of Portugal) - The route that was mentioned at the beginning of this post, starts in Chaves, and ends at the connection with the A22 highway. There are many interesting things from an economic point of view, and of landscapes on this route. It has a lot of towns, small villages. The main economic axis would be some of those cities mentioned earlier at the beginning of the post, some of them have very good economic activities.

Fronteira Axis - This route starts in the city of: Bragança, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Guarda, Covilhã, Castelo Branco, Vila Velha do Rodão, Alpalhão, Portalegre, Monforte, Extremoz, Roguengos de Monsaraz, Alqueva dam, Moura, Serpa , Mertola, your final destination is: Vila Real de Santo Antônio and A22.

The map of Iberia is very good, it is well done, it is coherent. I just think that some complaints are very unfair to the city of Lisbon for example it does not have a mechanic shop in the city itself, but its constellation of cities in the metropolitan area has mechanics and dealerships. This could be adjusted.
As for rest areas, as explained by a small survey, there are 2 in private areas, respectively, in 2 complexes in the port of Lisbon.

In my opinion it is, it is a good criticism, the lack of the port in Lisbon.

Because the port terminals of the city of Lisbon, would be a great option for cargo and also to contemplate its two waiting areas and rest for cargo.

However, if we look at the evolution of the truck games, taking the original Euro Truck, and comparing Portugal today to the difference and gigantic evolution. So things will still evolve a lot, but all in time.

If we look closely at the map of the Iberian Peninsula of ETS 2. It has large areas that allow us to create other routes, now secondary. I believe that the company SCS Software and the map developers they have very well organized these issues: first do the main highways which is the DLC, then you can do updates with other secondary highways and things like that, it is humanly impossible to want to do everything at once .

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5523 Post by victor2345235 » 15 Apr 2021 02:21

hugo206 wrote:
14 Apr 2021 16:29
In my region I see a failure, when you come from Gijon towards Santander, the logical thing is to use the A67 highway from torrelavega to Santander and not go to Solares they have done on the map. also the map allows it. It is not a big mistake but to those of us from here it seems strange
The A-67 altogether is not present in the game, which is a bit unfortunate because that highway is heavily used for transportation from santander to palencia, but i guess that's the compromise for a 1:16 map game and a budget DLC. i wish they added the A-67 nevertheless

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5524 Post by gandalf7472000 » 15 Apr 2021 05:16

@abasstreppas happened to my right after passing a road work somewhere outside of Madrid, went flying it was from a traffic mod, AI car appeared out of no where.SCS changed something in the AI making some traffic mods act weird.
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5525 Post by Esproquet » 15 Apr 2021 07:38

@abasstreppas if your truck got badly hit in Basque country it was probably a rock. They throw huge rocks for sport :lol:
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5526 Post by killingjoke28336 » 15 Apr 2021 09:13

I am a sucker for eye candy, highways, southern climate and its vegetation. So Iberia is absolutely perfect for me. I can't stand the base map and Going East, the look is so outdated it really hurts. I wish the would make a proper redesign, not like Germany. I would certainly pay for it.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5528 Post by Costpap » 15 Apr 2021 09:25

FloxAir wrote:
14 Apr 2021 21:22
What's the point of driving 302km to repair before picking up a job? Does it make the game better? It adds realism? Is it a new design philosophy?
I'd say that arguably, yes. In real life, truck drivers don't go repair their trucks before loading cargo onto it. This is especially true for smaller companies, where spare trucks are far and few between and sending trucks to a repair shop once per day isn't viable at all. In such companies, trucks often go months without being in a repair shop. As for the bigger companies, they can probably do some repairs inside some of their own garages, but those garages aren't exactly in every single city. Personally, I think that this adds some immersion to the game, since it encourages me to drive more safely as to not damage my truck, as well as not going to a repair shop every time my truck's tires get worn out by 1%. However, I must admit that it definitely feels weirder compared to the base game and some earlier expansions, but it's only a matter of time until older DLCs as well as the base game gets overhauled to reflect this change, as well as it becoming more mainstream in future DLCs.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5529 Post by Komen » 15 Apr 2021 09:29

krmarci wrote:
15 Apr 2021 09:18
What's your favourite city so far?
Porto and A Coruna.
It's not 100%, until the final release ;)
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#5530 Post by P3TER_ » 15 Apr 2021 09:30

krmarci wrote:
15 Apr 2021 09:18
What's your favourite city so far?
I really like Sevilla, with the complex road layout in the centre, although getting to the garage (which I bought) can be somewhat of a hassle. It's really detailed too, though that can be said of lot more cities of course.
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