Music Player: no shuffle mode? really?

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Re: Music Player: no shuffle mode? really?

#11 Post by RootlessAgrarian » 07 Oct 2016 02:35

ohaha wrote:RootlessAgrarian, check this one, it might help.
I think this one

is actually the Rosetta Stone :-) this looks like so much fun I will just have to try it, shuffled playlist or not.

[update] dang, that link is now outdated, and shoutcast no longer ships a server for OSX. just linux and 'doze. I do have a linux box sitting around idle, but life is short and I'd rather play ETS2 (and work on my camera modding) than set up my private radio station... giving up on shuffle play for now, but I still want it!

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Re: Music Player: no shuffle mode? really?

#12 Post by JamezModz » 09 Jan 2018 18:28

I solved this issue for myself guys! I created a a new folder for my music and copied the files over as I knew I woud be renaming them. Put just my favorite songs out of my 3000+ mps into this new folder and then used TheRename to give a random new string name to each file. When using your music player in game and you just hit next song atleast you're getting a random song now it's just a blind date that;s all! LOL

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