The "thank you SCS" thread!

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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#11 Post by bromstarzan » 09 Mar 2017 12:58

Perfect, thanks for quick response!
I'll go back to my key-setup. Worked just fine!

Thanks Dogface and andrei383!
(aboutt minecraft, I've been there with Marcus (Notch) since java v0.9 and and that seems like ages ago :))
ATS and ETS2 is magic with G25. Still, some improvements could be done in terms of FFB but works well at the moment.

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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#12 Post by Rhythmosaur » 12 Jun 2017 10:54

Guys, I may get into the age where the brain begins to slow down and memory fails me, but do you know this feeling?

You are driving the core part of the Vanilla map and you wonder: Has this construction site always been there? Did this location always look the way it does? Things like that keep happening to me.

One thing however I know for a fact:
There is a silo on a trailer which used to be all grey in grey. Without using any mods, it has changed its appearance to a more whitish grey and looks a lot fresher.

I suspect SCS to do a lot more improvements in the background than it announces, even if you, like me, actually fight yourselves through the long update lists they use to publish when making major updates.
It's almost like two SCS guys sit there, one saying, "come on, I bet nobody will even notice", and the other saying "Well, wait and see"...

Well, if you are the latter SCS guy, you won your bet. Thanks a lot, your efforts definitly don't go unnoticed :-)
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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#13 Post by bromstarzan » 03 Jul 2017 18:52

I know the feeling.
Although, one would think some of the road construction sites should have finished and packed up by now, but nope. Probably the most realistic ingredient in the game, just like IRL :D
Have seen some things change in GB, or just imagined? Brexit?
Now, I'll have to go Vive la France, I'm sure it looks a bit different from the Promods version...

Happy truckin!

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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#14 Post by bromstarzan » 26 Jul 2017 16:16

So now I'm using the VR development branch (oculus rift) and WOW!
It sure is immersive sitting in my Volvo hauling hakarl from Isafjurdur to Paris!
Thank you SCS for taking on the VR challenge! A lot of issues to iron out but the result is amazing!
Keep it up!

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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#15 Post by Jon the VGnerd » 06 Aug 2017 04:17

Thanks SCS for focusing on greatly expanding Italy next, even featuring Sicily. I'm sure many Italian players (I'm not one myself tho) are pleased to see the announcement of a future Italy expansion DLC, and we'd love to see its famous landmarks too such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum when its released as a trailer before the official release. ;)

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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#16 Post by Bocaj » 09 Aug 2017 05:31

Thank you SCS for the new flares in 1.28 they are very well done and very close to reality! this game just gets better and better :D :D
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Re: The "thank you SCS" thread!

#17 Post by piva » 09 Aug 2017 05:34

Thanks to SCS, if they not changed flare, I'll never tweak my own flare mod :lol:
I just want to make a game and mods better.

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