12 reasons to play Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Re: 12 reasons to play Euro Truck Simulator 2

#21 Post by jaws » 07 Sep 2017 10:59

@AlexO231, you forgot one thing. SCS has the Best support service out there! Image ;)
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Re: 12 reasons to play Euro Truck Simulator 2

#22 Post by RootlessAgrarian » 11 Sep 2017 17:59

Quite simply the biggest, best open world driving simulator ever. Reason 13 for me would be the sheer open-ness of the sim -- you can engage with it in so many different ways:
1) campaign for world domination (completionist/strategy mode)
2) social network in multiplayer mode, meet friends and show off your...
3) ...artistic truck design and decoration (it can be all about the trucks!)
4) forget money and spiffy trucks and just bum around enjoying the scenery & exploring the big map
5) try to win the prize for Most Mods Installed :-) (customisation/expansion)
6) virtual travel, getting a little peek at the architecture, signage and landscape of foreign countries
7) modding --- create new trucks, new maps, accessory packs etc
Another thing I have always liked about the game is its friendly inclusiveness -- gender neutral, drivers of so many different ages and looks. Also its friendly internationality with developers from so many different countries contributing, truly a United Nations of gaming.

Even if you choose option 1 and play it as a straight campaign game (amass lots of money and build a trucking empire over the entire game area) you still have so much freedom to craft your strategy, specialise in long haul or short haul, etc.

I have spent almost 300 hours in ETS2 and have still thousands of km of roads to explore because the map keeps growing! No other computer game, EVER, has won this many hours of my attention and enjoyment. It is truly not a game, but a place that you visit and really enjoy spending time there. It also seems to be one of the gaming world's best kept secrets -- you don't hear a lot of hoopla about it in the press, but the user community is fanatical (like me) and the game is very much alive and growing.
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