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Re: Bus DLC

#21 Post by Lombra » 11 Aug 2017 10:24

ropez wrote:
10 Aug 2017 22:00
their customer politic is just stupid and unreasonable.
It really isn't. The fact that there have been no more announcements is a good indication that it's either not being worked on, or has a long time to go. And your post is a great example of why they shouldn't announce stuff unless it's ready for release yesterday.

As far as I can tell, Vive la France was released ten months after the initial announcement. New Mexico was announced six months ago, and people have already been crying for months over how it never gets released. ATS was released two and a half years after the initial announcement, and even then everyone cried over the small size of the map. (I'm inclined to agree with them on that, but that's another topic)

Lastly, you will rarely hear a company say "no". I'm no marketer, but I assume it's in their interest to keep the customers' hopes up. It's usually "something to look into in the future". At most you might get "no plans at the moment".

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Re: Bus DLC

#22 Post by TwinShadow » 11 Aug 2017 22:15

Lol, tell that to the devs of Overcooked who refuse to put in multiplayer for a couch co-op PC game... There's a reason that game isn't doing well...

Anyway, to the point. SCS has changed up on how often they release information, as well as how much. They've figured over the years that it may be in their best interests to only release/reveal information that will be a guarantee to make it into one of their games.

All good things come in time. Things are not created overnight, and infrastructure still has to be made to accommodate a new sort of game style which is outside of the norm when it comes to ETS2/ATS.

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Re: Bus DLC

#23 Post by FallenLemon » 12 Aug 2017 21:07

You guys should be full of patience.. Even you wouldn't make it all when you say it. The SCS has a lot on their hands with the DLCs, one of them might be the Coach thingy. They can't really say when everything is done because no one can know the future. Besides, the Coach thingy will be released once so a lot of patience please.Or can you make it better, faster and tell everyone everyday when you work that the update is gonna be for example on 3rd of November 2019 but still not make it then? If you can't then just stop being rude to the work they make just to fit our as*es.. Somehow even that ain't enough... So stay patient and be happy for what they made UNTIL THIS MOMENT or you would have NO trucking, NO nothing but some ol' games! And they can't fit your every will, they are humans and have their wills and minds! Think of it all..
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