Multiple maps of the same area or part of it running simultaneously

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Multiple maps of the same area or part of it running simultaneously

#1 Post by suneelnairk » 11 Aug 2017 11:30

Hi All,

This is just a kind of food for thought question.

Is it possible to have multiple maps of the same area/country running within the game without issue if only some of the parts (prefabs or vegetation) are changed while the rest of the map is the same (two almost identical copies of the same map)?

The context of my question is this: One of the key issue that has always plagued me ever since i started playing ETS 2 is the similarity of the whole environment no matter which part of europe i was in. I knos that this is mostly due to the fact that most map makers are restricted when it comes to the type of vegetation and prefabs already available as they are not in a position to make a large number of new prefabs or vegetation models. Therefore by re-using the same models over and over again, many of the map makers end up making almost all of the map parts look pretty much the same.

Now, on the other hand, there are a handful of others in this community who have successfully managed to create mods that change the entire look/type of vegetation (lot of new vegetation models) and prefabs. However, the drawback of these mods is that they change the vegetation across the map thereby leading to the same issue of variety across locations.

Would it be possible to have, say, copies of different sections of the base map (as an example) but with different vegetation models, and then adding them as mods, so that vegetation types change when moving into these locations within the game itself?

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