Community's Driver Seats [homecockpit thread]

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Community's Driver Seats [homecockpit thread]

#1 Post by klauzzy » 24 Sep 2017 05:57


In the SCS blog i saw a lot of cool setups how you guys play ets2, but i couldn't find a thread in the forum to share your experience about how you built your cockpit.

I want to start with my Actros MP3 Dashboard.

used stuff:
- Thrustmaster T500rs modified with self made adapter for the wheel (my logitech g25 broke because the mp3 wheel was too heavy)
- Thrustmaster th8rs - midified with self made adapter for the man shift knob
- Retarder lever
- Turn Signal lever
- light switch
- original actros mp3 wheel
- original interior parts
- MAN shift knob with range/split
- a monitor instead of a tacho (using Funbits mobile dashboard app with the actros mp3 skin i made)
- my old logitech g25 shifter modifiied to be the Parking Brake
- Leobodnar BBI-32 Button Box Interface - With Connectors to connect all buttons
- SV mapper to get all buttons working correct

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Re: Community's Driver Seats [homecockpit thread]

#2 Post by Reider » 24 Sep 2017 09:42

Mine is a very simple setup but the shifter is run through a module that changes it to a USB standalone instead of the normal Logitech connector. I can reprogram the gate as it wears and allocate new digital numbers to each position to keep it tuned. I made a bench from an electronic organ stand with a piece of melamine bolted on the top. The shifter is connected to that and can be changed from left hand to right hand drive in seconds. The wheel is a DFGT and bought used from Ireland via CEX stores. I keep that fastened to the desk all the time and have a 2nd desk next to it with the keyboard and monitors on. I can slide one of my two monitors, the mouse and keyboard left and it becomes my cab for that session. Slide it back for a normal PC setup. I may make it more like yours one day.

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