1.33 discussion

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1.33 discussion

#1 Post by Carthoo » 09 Nov 2018 17:41

Thanks everyone for your help in the Experimental Beta. Without that, we wouldn't be able to push OB so soon. Enjoy all the new features guys!



There's a number of people who repeatedly asked for some form of early access to the new "base game" content - simply put to let them in the open beta before the open beta. So we decided to give it a try. "Experimental Beta" means that the content and functions are not yet in the OB status. That's also the reason we're letting you know here, on our forum - where's generally our most enthusiastic community - and not anywhere else. You might tell whoever you want, there's absolutely no need to keep it secret - but it needs to be emphasized, that risk of bugs is much higher than in usual OB. This is for hardcore fans, modders, etc. - probably not good for a casual player.

There's not as much of a risk, as virtual certainty, that you'll meet bugs, kinks and instability - so think twice before you get in this Experimental Beta. Also, it's highly advised to use a completely new profile without ANY MODS. The decision is yours - but we'll be grateful for your opinions, bug reports and general feedback.

If you wish to participate in the Experimental beta, you can find this version in the experimental_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Betas tab → experimental_beta - 1.33 experimental beta. No password required.

Feel free to share this info - but please, share it in it's entirety - so everyone knows what's this about...

And remember to post your bug reports the to proper section, please. General feedback may be posted here :) ...

  • Double flatbed trailers (Scandinavia DLC required)
  • Buyable container and brick trailers (flatbed variants) and cargo market
  • Steam cloud based profiles
  • Reusable truck and trailer configuration templates
  • Physics improvements (suspension, damping, braking, cogs)
  • Rain drops behavior on glass improved
  • Music shuffling
  • Country and city name localization settings
  • g_disable_beacons (for people that have issue with blinking lights, 0/1/2)
  • Krone Boxliner ownable (Krone DLC required)
  • ...and some other stuff we won't disclose yet...
So again - it's perfectly ok to share info about this experimental beta - but try to emphasize that it's important to read this post, before entering the exp. beta.
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Re: Experimental Beta

#2 Post by Tarso » 09 Nov 2018 17:46

God Help us all :lol: 8-)
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Re: Experimental Beta

#3 Post by Wolfi » 09 Nov 2018 17:47

Welp... let all of the: "MY MODS ARE NOT WORKING ANYMORE" reports begin... :?
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Re: Experimental Beta

#4 Post by deadbun » 09 Nov 2018 17:47

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Re: Experimental Beta

#5 Post by Madkine » 09 Nov 2018 17:48

Wow, looking forward to 1.33 when it finally arrives.

(Steam profiles, templates and physics improvements)

Not looking forward to all the my game is broken posts by users who don't know how to use a beta.
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Re: Experimental Beta

#6 Post by pigbrother » 09 Nov 2018 17:56

Mmm, two new cities for ferry transit (DE and SE).
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Re: Experimental Beta

#7 Post by VictorSE » 09 Nov 2018 17:56

Krone Boxliner, yusss
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Re: Experimental Beta

#8 Post by GameplayHD2015 » 09 Nov 2018 17:56

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Re: Experimental Beta

#9 Post by schwedentrucker_09 » 09 Nov 2018 17:57

My mods are not working anymore. :P :lol: :lol:
Sorry for the bad joke. :lol:
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Re: Experimental Beta

#10 Post by StenioBlackHawnk » 09 Nov 2018 17:57

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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