Road to the Black Sea Discussion

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1111 Post by jackalnxt » 20 Nov 2019 18:07

Immediate thoughts:

- Well, I stand corrected. Looks like we won't be getting Pazardzhik and Kardzhali after all. Instead it's Karlovo and... Pirdop? I don't think anyone predicted that.
- This was the road from the first delivery: ... !3e0?hl=en I couldn't tell if we would have a road through Yambol or not, since it was crossed out on some signs and visible on others.
- I noticed a few random Romanian language signs. One in Sofia and one in Turnovo. It was probably an exchange, similar to the one Bulgarian sign in Romania.
- The view from the Hemus highway was 100% spot on. Only critique would be that the tunnels weren't lit up. I'm pretty sure they have lights on 24/7.
- The landmarks at the entrance of Pleven are great. Was personally saddened that my favorite part, opposite the train station, wasn't included. The Pleven bus station was also available, as anticipated.
- Cable carts on the road to Varna are amazing. Whoever helped research it must be a real cool guy :mrgreen:
- Varna + wall of heroes is good stuff. Traffic lights with countdown timers are sadly missed.
- North and South Bulgaria will be connected via the Republican pass (Haimboaz) not the Shipka pass.

Overall... well, they got my money long ago, so no point in praising it further.

PS: Honorable mention to the one guy in chat that went "Any news for Balkans (DLC)?", literally as the truck was driving with the Balkan mountains in the background :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1112 Post by Frozen1 » 20 Nov 2019 18:28

One small addition: the traffic lights, at least in Varna, are set to dissamble all the countdown timers. You can barely see them. Instead they are implementing the russian style of a blinking green close to the end.

It's too early to say anything. Varna was 100% accurate. A2 highway too. I guess the "no lights" in the tunnels is just because it's not all set for the release yet. It would be cool if we had at least one more tunnel.

One thing I noticed were the signs especially on A2. Everywhere you see a sign on a green background about Pleven. Irl the sign is about Varna.
Plus, at the entrance of Varna I didn't noticed the airport at least as a scenary. And the sign about Mangalia does not exists. Irl it should be about Dobrich.

A lack of scenery cities. On the road to Varna you definately have to have Targovishte as a scenary.

Sadly, I wanted to see a load from Ruse to Varna.

Anyways, from all I've seen I give them 5.5/6. :)

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1113 Post by saur44l » 20 Nov 2019 21:39

Well Bulgaria looks nice,but that was to be expected after all,SCS are quite good when it comes to the map expansions,It seems that that once again those small roads will be the eyecathers.Also it is worth mentioning that I like the enthusiasm and the cheeriness shown by the guests in the stream,they have made the stream more interesting to watch. :mrgreen:

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1114 Post by RadoBG » 20 Nov 2019 22:14

Well the DLC is great, but I got dissapointed by the fact you skipped 20-30 km between Tarnovo and Varna. Before the large lake with the restaurant there is bypassing city called Targovishte with large roundabout... hope you can make it soon since for use the locals its doesnt suit good on the map to see a few turns with rocks and after that skipped 20kms and directly put on lake of Fiseka

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1115 Post by johnporter29 » 20 Nov 2019 22:53

+1 to what @Freeze338 said.

It does feel that they are showing too much of the new DLC in videos and streams. This just lessens the excitement of been able to discover the new DLC as you drive through it. OK, show some of the new features that are coming with the DLC, but limit the exposure of the map to a minimum.

I know that no-one is forced into watching the videos or the streams, but once you know it's there, your curiosity tends to get the better of you. This is one reason I don't frequent this post that much so I don't get to know all the details of the DLC before I purchase it etc.

Will buy the DLC, but my excitement for it is now not as high as it was earlier.
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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1116 Post by 2113770961 » 21 Nov 2019 01:54

After waiting for a long time, I really don't think it's meaningful.

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1117 Post by Shiva » 21 Nov 2019 09:34

@2113770961 wait, what?
Sorry, I have no idea what you mean.
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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1118 Post by SimulatorSam » 21 Nov 2019 09:41

If you don't want content spoiled then don't watch. ;) I did that with Utah and now Black Sea so everything is new to me. If I watch the streams it's just for the audio.

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1119 Post by wateraddicted » 21 Nov 2019 10:03

Hello.. How will the winner of the #hype4blacksea giveaway be announced? and what about the previous twitter/instagram giveaways? who won.... where can we see?

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Re: Road to the Black Sea Discussion

#1120 Post by TheTiger » 21 Nov 2019 10:46

Yeah, me too. I don t want spoilers view but i also have audio in the background.:D

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