Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

Whats your opinion on ownable special transport trailers?

I support the addition of these trailers!
I support the idea, but in a different way (write down your opinion)
I don't support this idea! (write down why not)
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Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#1 Post by dahaka » 11 Oct 2019 14:48

So about two months ago, I quit from driving a refrigerated truck, and I'm now working for a company mainly doing special transport, with low loaders and flatbeds. What I'm going to try to do in this thread, is to provide some useful information, and suggest a way for special transport to be implemented, or rather adapted, in-game to ownable trailers.

I'm not sure where i should put this threat. It involves a suggestion, a discussion, feedback, and also research, so i think the general discussion is the best place for it.

Now obviously, we have the "Heavy cargo pack" and the "Special transport" DLCs so all that I'm suggesting for inclusion into the game as owned trailers has to be adapted by SCS as part of a DLC,
Or maybe the trailers themselves can be part of the base game, however to get cargo for them one would need to purchase the respectable cargo pack DLC, but that's the financial part of things, so i guess I'll leave that's for SCS to decide.

Lets start off with some information first.

The definition of special transport: Any object that is WIDER, LONGER, TALLER, or HEAVIER than what a truck is allowed to carry with a normal permit, is considered special cargo.
So the normal dimensions of an articulated semi truck + semi trailer combination with a normal permit are : 16,5 meters long, 2,55 meters wide, 4 meters high, and 40 tons heavy. (obviously there are exceptions based on countries, such as carrying up to 44 tons if the tractor unit is a 3 axle one in the UK, but the norm for an international transport truck that drives in all of Europe is what i stated above.)

Escort vehicles, and when are they needed?: In most European countries, you can drive with an oversize truck up to certain size, without needing an escort unit. These dimensions are: 3 meters wide, 21 meters long and 4,5 meters high.
This is important, because implementing the very oversize stuff from the "special transport DLC" with the escort units and the outrageously big trailers might be problematic. Firstly because the trailers for each cargo are sometimes unique.

What signs/beacons are needed for oversize transport?
"Convoi exceptionel" sign, on the front of the truck + the back of the trailer.
There are multible variations of this sign, based on country, but the french "convoy exceptionel" is accepted everywhere. Other variations include the scandinavian "Bred Last" the Dutch/Flemish "Uitzonderlijk Vervoer", the German "Schwertransport/ Grossraum" the Italian "Trasporto Eccezionale", the Greek "Ειδική Μεταφορά" or the english "oversize load", etc
4 square signs with angled red and white stripes, plus 3 led lights on the signs (red lights facing towards the rear, white towards the front). These 4 signs are usually parts of the special transport trailers, 2 of them mounted behind the fifth wheel on the trailer, and 2 mounted in the back of the trailer. These have to be extended as wide as the cargo being carried is. When the cargo being carried is not wider than the standard 2,55 meters, these signs are just sitting at the same width as the trailer is.
There is also an option to mount a beacon on each of the 4 signs, but that is only necessary to do if the cargo is wider than 3 meters.
1 beacon/ Flashing light on the back of the trailer, 1 beacon on the front of the truck (mounted on top of the truck)

I propose the convoi exceptionel sign as an accessory that can be mounted on the front of the truck, and the back of the trailer, in the tuning shop.

One of the 4 size marker signs is clearly visible on this picture:

I propose the 4 size marker signs to function automatically ingame, so when a cargo is loaded that is too wide, these sings, already mounted on the trailers would be automatically adjusted and extended to be as wide as the cargo being carried.

Which trailers should be ownable?: The trailers that I'm suggesting for ownership, are as follows: (I'll update this post later with some pictures of the cargoes that i will mention for each trailer being carried.)

1)Extendable variation of the already in-game flatbed. (3 axle, 4 axle, 5 axle variations)
Description: This trailer doesn't differ too much from a normal flatbed, however it can be extended by up to 6 meters, allowing it to carry cargo that is longer than a normal trailer.
These trailers usually have 10 ton axles, which means that they have 30, 40 or 50 tons of payload depending on number of their axles.
Tuning options: Extra lights for side and back of trailer, exclusive lights for rear bumper, tool and storage/pallet boxes under the trailer, pretty much whats already available for flatbeds.
Cargo: cargo that is long and/or wide but not very high. Such as, Pre-made pieces of railroad, long beams of wood, long concrete beams, crane centerpiece + all normal cargo currently available for the in-game flatbed.

2)Low loader & extendable low loader. (2 axle, 3 axle, 4 axle variants)
Technically this trailer already exists in-game with the heavy cargo pack, all that needs to be done is add some more cargo to it, make it extendable, and add options for axle setups.
Description: This trailer is used mainly for transportation of objects that are long/wide and also high. There is a 5 axle version of this kind of trailer, but its rare to see and would require and escort vehicle. These trailers have 2 wheels per side on each axle, and heavy duty axles. 2 axle payload: 32 ton, 3 axle payload: 46-57 tons, 4 axle payload: possibly around 70-80 tons, im not sure.
Tuning option: Toolbox above the fifth wheel area, extra lights on the sides, exclusive rear bumper.
Cargo: Large excavator, Large specialized container (containing a generator/cooling unit/transformer unit) Large vehicles, Large wooden crates, Combine harvester, + the cargo already available from the heavy cargo pack.

3)Semi low loader & extendable semi low loader. (3axle, 4 axle and 5 axle variants)
This trailer is a much anticipated one, and already in-game (the outdated "low bed" version) and the very well made schwartzmuller version) so the only thing that needs to be done a new model up to par with today's quality and addition of more cargo, and options for axle setups. Its important to note that we currently have a pretty good looking trailer in-game called "single extendable flatbed" which technically is a wrong definition, {source: broshuis website, noteboom website, my knowledge of definitions} plus it has a very uncommon axle setup with a single axle in the front, which is very uncommon IRL. (the single axle in the front is most often used on the really big versions of low loaders, which have 4 or more axles in the back and are used for the very large cargoes.)
Description: These trailers are the most versatile of all the trailers used in special transport, a "jack of all trades" if you will, they can load long and wide cargo, as well as high cargo, and while they cant load cargo as high as the Low loaders, they make up for this by being able to load more diverse types of cargo, due to their shapes. These trailers are equipped with 2 wheels per side on each axle, and usually have heavy duty axles. 3 axle payload:~35 tons, 4 axle payload: ~45 tons, 5 axle payload: ~65 tons (surprisingly) These trailers may come with built in hydraulic ramps on the back, or with much lighter, removable by hand ramps, which are usually stored underneath the trailer when removed. These kind of trailers might also come equiped with container pins.
Tuning options: Built in hydraulic ramps (no ramps by default, removable ones visible under trailer), extra lights for sides, exclusive rear bumper, toolbox above fifth wheel area.
Cargo: All machinery currently available in-game, The cargo available to the "single extendable flatbed", the cargo from high power cargo pack, Large excavator, Oversize wooden crate, Oversize tube, Agricultural trailers, off-road dump truck, Boat, Crane centerpiece, containers, Old-school rigid truck (part of game traffic already).

How would extending the trailers work in-game? My idea is simple. When a cargo that doesn't fit on the unextended trailer, the game will automatically extend the trailer during the loading black screen. When the load is dropped off, the game would automatically un-extend the trailer, back to its normal size (nobody IRL drives with an extended trailer while empty.)

Combine Harvester: Available for Low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/pnTqwL2/1198604-actros ... esbenz.jpg
Lift truck: Available for Low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/M5w0wh2/56b8e0749849b4 ... 913146.jpg
Large excavator: Available for Low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/brhy13J/art-1-83419948 ... teboom.jpg
Medium Excavator: Available for Low Loaders and Semi low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/QHQbDZV/Nooteboom-Euro ... 318109.jpg
Whatever this vehicle is: Available for Low loaders
Industrial installation piece: Available for Low loaders
Offroad Dump truck: Availavle for low loaders and Semi low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/Bj7WVc9/Nooteboom-MCOS ... 651680.jpg
Agricultural trailer: Available for Low loaders
Container with built in Generator/Transformer/Cooling unit : Available for Low loaders, Semi low loaders and Flatbeds
Large Silo: Available for Low loaders
Large Loader: Available for Low loaders

And off course all the cargo available from the Heavy Haul DLC for this trailer.

Large tube: Available for Semi low loaders
2x tipper semi trailers: Available for Semi low loaders
Wooden crates (there should be a variation of these 2 for each trailer (one oversize one not) Available for Low loaders, Semi low loaders and flatbeds (according to their size)
Wind turbine part: Available for Semi low loaders
Boat: Available for semi low loaders
Crane Lower piece: Available for Semi low loaders and Flatbeds
Mobile basket lift vehicle (whatever its called in english): Available for Semi low loaders
Rigid truck (one already part of game traffic could be used): Available for Semi low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/LxVVjtX/webessentials- ... lers-1.jpg
More self propelled lifts: Available for Semi low loader
https://i.ibb.co/6tTfFwX/a6c69db1093ff6 ... 58d9ed.jpg
More industrial machine parts: Available for Semi low loaders
https://i.ibb.co/8DfdZcY/ciclones-y-apa ... ipo-01.jpg

And off course all the cargo from the High Power DLC, and the base game cargo for "Low bed" trailers.

Premade Railroad pieces: Available for Flatbeds
https://i.ibb.co/tQ47kVv/Flatbed-extend ... teered.jpg
Long wooden planks/beams: Available for Flatbeds
Crane piece: Available for Flatbeds
Steel Plates: Available for Flatbeds
Crane centerpiece: Available for Flatbeds
Wind turbine Gearbox: Available for Flatbeds, low loaders and semi low loaders
Aircraft Engine: Available for Flatbeds, Low loaders and semi low loaders
Large steel construction parts: Available for Flatbeds (these would be carried by extendable trailer)
And of course all cargo available for Flatbeds in-game

*image tags removed*
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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#2 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 12 Oct 2019 14:36

I've been expressing the need for more heavy haul trailers in the feauture wishlist and suggestions topic for a while now, since the Heavy Haul DLC came out. LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.
IMO SCS is rather quite about this subject. Only thing I've heard and seen is SCS going to the Broshuis event, where they put a Broshuis interdolly trailer in the game to play on the event. So it might be there is a Broshuis Trailer DLC or something coocking.
My hopes are still high since we got the Forest Machinary DLC for American Truck Sim same time as Washington DLC dropped, we might see similar DLC coming to ETS2 when RTTBS DLC drops. (Those are personal statements and nothing of this sort has been confirmed or teased by SCS)
Your topic has alot of info, good job on the research and all, most can't be bothered when suggesting something.

Now I would like to add a few more bits and pieces to the discussion
These trailers are pretty widely used and you see them alot IRL in heavy haulage across Europe.

Interdolly trailers:
These are axles you put in between the goosneck and the maindeck of the trailer. Axles are steerable and liftable, most of the time also from inside cabin, with levers on the trailer,.. comes in handy when reversing or entering a tight spot. The interdolly is easaly removable so the trailer can also be used for less heavier loads as your standard low loader with 3-4-5 back axles.

- Easy to control due steerable axles
- Axle loads up to 12t per axle (so do the math)
- Easaly detachable
- Low profile contruction (so alot of machinary can be driven straight on) (not the case with semi-low loaders as they have higher deck)

- Big turning cirkel (bigger then a jeepdolly)
- Weight of the trailer is quite alot
- Complex hydraulics and electronics (since the axles are liftable and/or steerable)
- They don't come cheap and need expensice maintenance


Jeepdolly trailers:
These are axles you put between the king ping from the trailer and the fifth wheel from the truck, like a mini trailer (bit like doubles). The axles on the jeepdolly are not steerable (in 9/10 times) or liftable, making the reverse job alot harder since you got "2 trailers" to control.
Since you are adding more articulation points when attaching a jeepdolly, the turningcirkel is less then on a interdolly where the axles are "fixed" to the trailer, making the jeepdolly more manouvarable.
You also see alot of special or mega trailers that transport windmill tubes using this setup (but with more specialized trailers).

- Smaller turning cirkel because of extra articulation point
- Low weight
- Less expensive when buyin and also in maintanance

- Has no steerable or liftable axles (9/10 times)
- No more then 10t per axle capacity
- Trailer sits high and has a high coupling point
- Jeepdolly's are pretty heavy
- Often not removable (at least not as easy)
- Driving backwards asks for a bit of practice


Here you can also see where the COG is located: (I did not manage to find one for the semi-low loaders)

How about axle configurations on these badboys?
Apart from your standard 1-2-3-4-5 axle (semi-)low loader being discussed in the post above, you can have different axle setups on a jeep or interdolly trailer.
Interdolly: I've seen them going from a 1x4 (so 1 axle interdolly and 4 axle back deck) up to 4x6 (or even more) depending on the manufacture.
Jeepdolly: More or less the same as above, depending on what's being hauled. Widely used on LOW LOADERS, though for the SEMI-LOW LOADER IRL jeepdolly's are not that common.
The biggest I've seen is a 3x6 (so 3 axle jeepdolly and 6 axle low loader). Bigger axle configurations are more used on the specialized or custom ordered trailers (think about the ones that transport the towers from a windmill, or transport of trains and trams) but with the same principle as regular jeepdolly's.
EG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-oESbyV5OU
Both clips are selfshot.

Fun fact time:
- IIRC there is only one 3 axle jeepdolly in Belgium, owned by Martlé Moving and Lifting.
- Kandt BV from the Netherlands ordered a custom 4x5 axle jeepdolly at Broshuis trailer factory for their 100t demolition machines, this one has steerable axles on the dolly and is a one off! Beautifull piece of technology there provided by Broshuis!

Ballast trailers:
These multi axle trailers are specially designed for effecient transport on crane ballast and others.
- They do come in different axle configurations depending on the manufacture and payload (from 4-7 axles is most widely used).
- These trailers CAN be extendable depending on what the customer wants.
- Max payload per axle 10t or 12t at 80km/h (probably depending on manufacture)
- Can be remotly steered
- Has a very small turning circle.


Platform trailers:
I already made a suggestion about those recently, so i'll link it HERE

Now the whole issue with these transports are the laws on when, what, and where stuff is going to be transported. Every country has his own set of rules regarding oversizing, and there are quite a few of them.
The trick for SCS is to find a sweet spot in all these laws.

What I think SCS should do?
So far we have the Heavy Cargo DLC and Special Transport DLC.
Those are like 2 ends of the heavy haul spectrum. We got smaller trailers and low loaders with smaller loads in one corner, whilst in the other we have massive heavy, wide, long loads that NEED to be escorted and NEED a premade route in order to implement properly.
But we have no 'in-between' and that is what I'm hoping SCS is going to do with a 'Broshuis DLC'.
- New trailers and loads ofcourse
- Adding loads not as big as ST DLC but not as small as HC DLC (You know what I mean, somewhere in between)
- An overhaul (simplefied version) from the escorts in ST DLC (maybe only one following in the back wherever you are going)
NOTE: Most of these heavy trailers IRL are being escorted WHEN LOADED (depending on what they are loaded with ofcourse). Unloaded most likely they can drive without escorts if they stay within lenght, weight, width limits.
- No premade routes anymore

Other suggestions I made regarding overzised transports:
- Extending and retracting of the trailers
- Nooteboom trailer DLC
- Manual steering on the trailers

Kind regards
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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#3 Post by dahaka » 12 Oct 2019 23:32

These are some very interesting suggestions, and im definitely happy to see other players as passionate as me about special trailers and cargoes.
The ballast trailer, which is as you said designed to carry crane ballasts (also known as counterweights) could be a great addition, especially combined with one of my suggestions, about carrying an oversize crane centerpiece. Normally, every time a wind turbine is built, or something else requiring a big crane, the crane is split up into separate components, and is shipped by multiple trucks. We have plenty of construction sites ingame, therefore, all that needs to be added is the trailers and the cargo.

The reason i did not suggest the inter dolly and the jeep dolly trailers, is that the sheer size of the trailers, even the empty ones, might require escort vehicles, and of course a special route to be taken. (escort vehicle often necessary if length is more than 21 meters).
What i try to keep in mind, is that if something is too complex to implement, and there is not too much profit to be made to justify making it, SCS wont bother. (rightfully so, its business after all).
The other thing with the jeepdolly and the interdolly trailers, is what happens with the respective dollys, when you dont currently need them? IRL its an easy solution, just load em on the trailer and off you go, but ingame, coding something like that might be quite the hard work.

As for extending the trailers ourselves, I would love to see that, only I fear its too complex of a thing to code. The extendable container chassis we have now can be altered, but only by menu, not in real time ingame, so I believe that would be a satisfactory way for most players, and an easy thing to code too, so its a win win situation. But quite honestly, even if the extending is done automatically, I wouldnt mind, as long as the 3 main types of trailers and the ballast trailer are implemented into the game.

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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#4 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 13 Oct 2019 01:53

Yeah, I mean bombarding SCS with suggestions is one thing, getting it implemented in the game is another. And since I don't have any development experience, I can't tell what could be done and what not. Not only that, as you probably know, heavy haul IRL is complex, restrictions left, right and center, laws per country,...
Asking doesn't hurt offcourse but i'll leave the dificult part of deciding and developing our suggestions to our friends at SCS.

About the inter and jeepdolly trailers, from a game perspective it is very much possible to drive these trailers without the escorts almost everywhere.
I've been driving jeep and interdolly mods with different axle setups forever, and you can get the trailers in most places empty and even loaded as long as they are not too far extended or too wide (but still with a decent overhang left and right).
I've noticed also when i see a tight corner comming, i put on my hazards and the AI actually stops bedore the corner and gives me room. That way I can kinda manupilate the AI in doing what I want it to do. You might run into issues soon or late with these trailers , but it's pretty doable without escorts.

And about escorting, well from a game perspective it might be possible if SCS develops a new way of escorting, not with premade routes, or blocking every intersection before hand, but more like it is done IRL.
You set up a route before you leave the yard, and the escorts follow that specifiek route you put into the GPS.
Imagin one in front, one in the back, the one in the back keeps the backdoor shut when needed and pushes traffic aside like it's done on ST now.
Front escort has the task of speeding up when entering intersection, blocking intersection or highway until you are close enough to the intersection. At that point the escort speeds up again and gets back infront of you.
Is this possible? Absolutly no clue, but such new escort system could solve the issue of the premade routes, making it able to "freeroam" around the map with the trailers.

About the issue what to do when you are unloaded, IRL like you said it's a case of detatching the dollys.
Now this is a question i have no anwser to it as i lack IRL experience on heavy hauling (or trucking as a whole for that mather).
Are jeepdolly or interdolly trailers being taken apart alot? Going from a jeep or interdolly lowloader to a normal low loader or other way around? I imagin a heavy haul company with different trailers, has normal low loaders, jeep dollys and interdollys. From my perspective it looks more like a pain in the behind if you need to adapt your trailer everytime you take another job.
It makes more sence to me you go back to the yard to drop off curent trailer and pickup the trailer needed for next job?
So from a game perspective you'll need to do the same. After unloading, drive empty back to garage and pickup another trailer for a different job, instead of coding the inter or jeepdolly in and out of the game everytime when you load or unload at the yard.

And yeah, I've been told before it might be to complex to animate the extending and retracting trailers. And indeed the automatic alternative would fit in also.

Kind regards
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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#5 Post by dahaka » 13 Oct 2019 08:11

I havent worked IRL with jeepdolly or interdollys, but ive seen them around. A dutch company active in the netherlands for example probably chooses to go back to the depot and take the appropriate trailer, but i dont think any company would drive back to the netherlands from portugal empty, they instead just take off the dolly and carry them on the trailers.

Also, since you mentioned regulations, the bigger special transport trucks, (>3 meters wide, >4,5 meters high, >21 meters long) not only need escorts, but in Spain, Portugal and France, they are not allowed at all on the highway. And while in Spain you can just go around and use any and all unpaid roads, in France there is a map, which you have to check and take the appropriate routes, which are pretty much national roads through villages all the time. This is obviously a problem, because then SCS would either have to sacrifice some realism (fine by me, gameplay is also important) OR build alternative roads to the highways in France and in the upcoming Iberian peninsula. Which is most likely problematic, because of the map scale.

Its up for our friends at SCS to decide of course, what im kind of concerned with is that we dont have a lot of votes so far, despite the so many views.

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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#6 Post by power10 » 13 Oct 2019 10:21

As I multiplayer person. It only gets traffic lag.

In the single player I do not know. Maybe you could have large screen and wheel set. U can control long trailer as prof driver.

To another players can not use it. On the keyboard give gas truck and will lost all control. Maybe mods help you.

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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#7 Post by room217au » 13 Oct 2019 10:47

Years ago, folks wanted double trailers.
Responses were varied but most noise was made about game engine not supporting it, prefabs too small, etc etc.
We got double trailers.

Folks were wanting trailer cables.
Noises were made about animation being too hard to do, or restrictions about cable stretching and other things.
We got trailer cables.

(You see a pattern here)

Folks pleaded about seeing their own drivers out and about on the roads.
It's too much CPU time.. it's too much resources by SCS staff for a small feature.. paint trailer traffic in your company name, etc etc
Yep, you guessed it. We got a working map of what the drviers are doing.

Don't ever stop asking.
If you don't ask, you don't get. It just may take some time.
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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#8 Post by dahaka » 13 Oct 2019 11:00

Of course, asking never hurts, i just dont want to ask for too much and overwhelm the devs, start slow, lay a foundation, introduce the easy stuff to trailer ownership, and then, we can go higher.

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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#9 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 13 Oct 2019 12:00

dahaka wrote:
13 Oct 2019 08:11
but i dont think any company would drive back to the netherlands from portugal empty, they instead just take off the dolly and carry them on the trailers.
I did not think about international transport, you're right, if you're in Portugal it might prove a bit problamatic to drive back to switch :D

dahaka wrote:
13 Oct 2019 08:11
Also, since you mentioned regulations, SCS would either have to sacrifice some realism (fine by me, gameplay is also important)
It's really hard to follow all the rules from a game perspective, and I think SCS has done a really good job so far mimicking as much from driving IRL while still being able to keep the game more or less arcade friendly if you're not that kind of simulation guy that cares about every aspect of the game. So I'm absolutly fine with sacrificing some realism for gameplay.

BTW great update on the OP!

power10 wrote:
13 Oct 2019 10:21
As I multiplayer person. It only gets traffic lag.
In the single player I do not know. Maybe you could have large screen and wheel set. U can control long trailer as prof driver.
To another players can not use it. On the keyboard give gas truck and will lost all control. Maybe mods help you.
Honestly, Since TMP is not an inhouse build MP mode by SCS, I do not think SCS develops their games with MP in their minds.
I see where you coming from, but I do also think keyboard users will be perfectly able to drive these around, with mouse steering or even just the arrow keys (I could be wrong as I do not have extensive keyboard experience in this game). And nobody forces you to buy the DLC (If it would come in a DLC, if it would come at all) and drive these trailers around offcourse. But I do understand your point here.
And mods are very few and far apart on this subject, I have a few good ones, but I rather go sit on SCS's lap and ask nicely for a Christmas present that implements these trailers BUG-free into the game, because, heck why not :D

We will see what the future brings, Rome wasn't build in a day also. And I find it very impressive what SCS has been able to achieve with their sims so far. They come a long way! So who knows what's possible with current game engines..

EDIT: Edited out a statement that was not correct with current laws.
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Re: Special Transport & trailer ownership (discussion & suggestions)

#10 Post by power10 » 13 Oct 2019 13:25

Special transport is different then an other works. Hard and it needs patience and big time.

It would come as dlc. I respect ofc. I also have wheel set and good system. I ve written that as think keyboard or mause user. Thats diffucult because.

Also scs does trade here. If the population really want it scs does what it needs. Opposite me early to long trailers with heavy eq for now.

These guys can not drive truck at 80 km/h speed. When bought a more than 100 tons. They can not give patience with 40 -50 -60 km speed on the road. Even there is a heavy transport dlc. Maybe it needs more on rework to heavy transport lover 👍 its my idea

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