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Iberia Discussion

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#611 Post by tiagocarper9831 » 24 May 2020 13:08

I think there will be incluide 8 cities and some small villages in Portugal : Porto, Viseu, Bragança, Leiria, Lisboa, Sines, Evora and Castelo Branco.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#612 Post by NewCoolMapper » 24 May 2020 13:18

Even 10 cities are too much. I disagree with @krmarci tho, I think we'll see for sure 6 big cities and 2 smaller ones and maybe even more. Portugal would feel pretty empty with less, especially because it's a very densely populated country in its litoral region (to the west of the A1).
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#613 Post by plinio.lisboa.br » 24 May 2020 14:20

That's why I like to talk about maps because each person has their own view of things. I can't conceive of Portugal with less than 10 cities spread across Portuguese regions. Why, for example, you exclude Bragança, you will be excluding a Portuguese region in the lower region. Alentejoregion had the port of sSnes until it is perfect, but it will be lacking what an industrial city in the interior there is a very interesting marble production in this region also some with a very interesting degree of difficulty for truckers in which you have the pit of the marble mine (Beja our Serpa) on one side of the road you have another marble cava mine, on the other side, and you have an extremely narrow road in the middle are situations, you can find in this region size is mining in addition to agriculture of olive, trees and also of corks, are important things that shows would give portuguese diversity.

so that the great region that goes from the city of Porto to Lisbo is of the demographic density of the Atlantic coast of Portugal, this can be represented precisely by the size of the cities Porto is a large city can be reproduced in this detail as well as the city of Lisbon, Leiria can be represented with a series of scenic cities along the routes, even though it is on the horizon because it is an area with a motorway, and there may be several accesses to these cities, although not playable, not accessible, it would give this feeling demographic density, the cities on the horizon.

 As long as you spread other cities to represent the other Portuguese regions (BRAGANÇA, SERPA or BEJA) this would be magnificent for the players this would also motivate the Portuguese youth for the game.

 It would be a great challenge for SCS Software to develop a map of a country with approximately 90,000 square km, and containing 10 cities!

This new knowledge SCS Software could then make a major update on the map of the Czech Republic, Hungary, (island) Ireland, 10 major cities.

for example How are you going to work a map of the Republic of Cyprus you have not reached that important age maybe six or seven But you have a big city that the Nicosian capital so on both sides of the island you have important cities on the north side you will there will probably be a couple of important cities there, while in the southern part of the island you will have at least four cities there, that already gives a total of 6 important cities in the country. And how are you going to have to represent that? are smaller so the feeling of demographic density would be included on the map is just an example of how this theoretical technique can work the same goes for this question of Portugal if you make the city of Porto Grande in a realistic way and Lisbon in a very detailed way how was worked Istanbul you can put this notion of density the notion of demographic density is given by the spread of city scenarios on the map while you can make playable cities on the rest of the map to represent the regions of the country.

But of course it's just an idea. I don’t have the ambition to convince anyone about some map ideas that I have is just a suggestion

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#614 Post by magicko84 » 24 May 2020 21:23

I hope they also add the auto transporter, in the affordable trailers. Because from 1.37, I think, they have added trucks to the AI, even the empty car transporter.

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#615 Post by Some newbie driver » 25 May 2020 09:03

Auto-transport trailer was in AI traffic from time before and the "empty version" was included in 1.36; but it's just a "fast-to-do" empty version (they just removed any car model, but didn't changed the trailer itself). That way they increased a bit the variety in traffic trailers but using the less time possible; no need to waste more on an old outdated model. I hope the day they remake the auto-transporter, the empty version will be shown "folded".

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#616 Post by DanniBee » 28 May 2020 09:29

Just to add to the discussion of the previous pages. Pau and Perpignan should definitely be included as part of Vive La France, there's so much space in the South and both of these are important on the route to Spain.

And I also think Lagoda is just a placeholder for another car company, as people have pointed out they have no place being in Spain as a manufacturer.

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1.37 update and Iberia

#617 Post by ant06031 » 09 Jun 2020 20:25

Hello everyone,

Do you think it will be necessary to switch to the 1.37 version of ETS2 to be able to use the Iberia DLC, which is planned to be released in late 2020 ?

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#618 Post by parasaurolophus67 » 09 Jun 2020 20:40

You have to. there is no other way but keep updating to play future maps and DLCS

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Re: Iberia Discussion

#619 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 09 Jun 2020 20:43

no you will need 1.38 for it
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Re: Iberia Discussion

#620 Post by Quark » 09 Jun 2020 22:25

Why 1.38? Isn't it much more likely that update 1.39 is released by then?

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