ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#31 Post by pigbrother » 08 May 2020 14:52

It’s like... different people will have different opinions and different priorities or something...
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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#32 Post by Someone Mysterious » 08 May 2020 15:25

This is why I don't tend to comment

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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#33 Post by Some newbie driver » 08 May 2020 15:37

nodin747 wrote:
08 May 2020 14:49
this gamers dont need 2020 graphics, they want only dlcs and new trucks.ok. im quit.
If I would want 2020 graphics, I would not ask for Cities franchise ones. You have the bar very low in what graphics concerns if you consider those "2020 level". And if you can't bear not everybody being agree with you; then it's a good decision to leave places were you can't decide who's going to write his opinion.


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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#34 Post by dahaka » 10 May 2020 14:52

xXCARL1992Xx wrote:
05 May 2020 20:17
we dont have lowdeck trailer, why should we get lowdeck trucks ?
So we can finally get lowdeck trailers? I'm guessing they would come together....
They are quite prevalent IRL, mostly on curtainsides, but on special transport and car/truck transports as well.

I'm really hoping we get Germany rework phase 3, but with the whole coronavirus situation and SCS having their hands full with Iberia I'm not too optimistic.
I'm also hoping SCS will add fuel and ADR tankers for trailer ownership.

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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#35 Post by Reis_6 » 11 May 2020 14:27

My guess: (beyond graphics ''rebuild'', for sure)

Finish/more one part of Germany rebuild;
A new Tunning DLC for some manufacture (Maybe MAN or Renault)
Update for Scania old series (looks ugly and ''tall'' comparing to NG)
Announcement of a UK or Poland rebuild;
Update for Scandinavia DLC (Atlantic Road???)
And for sure, the more awaited, IBERIA DLC!!!!

About speculated earlier, i would love to see Low deck trucks and trailers...
Tank trailers... omg, im dreaming...

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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#36 Post by IvanKuz » 11 May 2020 14:49

Honestly, I'm not expecting more of Germany rework in 1.38, I think it will come later. But maybe a couple more French cities will get updated instead.
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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#37 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 11 May 2020 15:45

they are working on it since the lat release, if they are not working on the main DLC, also they can release French cities with the last part of Germany, Mandelsoft isnt at SCS anymore, he is doing it from home in his free time, so there is no reason to favor one over the other
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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#38 Post by piva » 14 May 2020 06:15

SCS will move to Unreal Engine in 1.38 with new Sky's and Atmosphere features in this engine? Or they just update dx11 shaders only :lol: ?

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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#39 Post by FlyingPigeon » 14 May 2020 11:35

Dont Think they Will switch to another engine but on the other hand my expectation is nothing more that you second guess lol
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Re: ETS2 1.38 Speculation Thread

#40 Post by _Avto2000_ » 14 May 2020 12:00

Rework Of The Old Light Accessoires, I think in 1.38 :)

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