Is it possible to merge ETS2 and ATS into one game?

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Re: Is it possible to merge ETS2 and ATS into one game?

#11 Post by EricF » 18 Oct 2020 14:51

It's not that cabovers aren't allowed in the US, they just aren't preferred and don't sell well. The biggest issue with running European trucks in the US is that they aren't approved by the US Dept. of Transportation for safety. It's not that they aren't safe -- some would say they may be safer than US-spec trucks -- but they haven't gone through the testing and approval process. There are also differences in things like lighting systems that aren't approved in the US (Which is perpetually behind on approving those, sometimes by decades!) and differing emissions standards.

Then there's the design differences for highway speeds -- Trucks in the US typically run at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour/ roughly 100 kilometers per hour, or faster. European designs are focused on engine and gearing capacities for running at around100Km/h or less, given the common 80Km/h limit on truck speeds in many regions. Different design factors to optimize for on either part of the world.

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