ETS2 1.39 Discussion

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#161 Post by Spieker » 18 Oct 2020 20:35

Shiva wrote:
18 Oct 2020 18:46

1. Would those be on 3 separate loads instead?
2. There I think you are right, for the load shown.
3. Maybe avoiding copyrights?
And 1 axle dolly for low loaders? hmm?
Don't you mean 2 axle and 3axle dollies?
That 1 axle you have in the last picture, I wonder how rare those are!?
1. Yes, technically they shouldn't be on this kind of trailer in the first place since this kind of trailer requires a permit for it's size and weight. Those air conditioning units can be transported on a standard trailer (maybe two at once, depending on the weight), therefore a permit for an oversize transport would never be granted.
3. There's no copyright on that. It's not just one manufacturer that does that, you see the same kind of equipment in ATS as well so it's probably not a copyright issue.
If you take a look at product brochures for example from Goldhofer or Nooteboom you'll see that they offer 2-4 front axles for most of their product range and Nooteboom offers 1 or two axle jeep dollies for their products. Both also offer 1 front axle but they seem to be relatively rare and personally, I've never seen a trailer with one front axle in real life before.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#162 Post by Spieker » 18 Oct 2020 20:37

Smaen wrote:
18 Oct 2020 19:48
I suggest making a bug report on these, as well as the other "illegal" cargos. Add some reference photos and the laws.
Most of the loads on the extended trailers are illegal and make no sense.
It's sad that SCS didn't put more effort into the cargo, and just copied the cargo from the shorter setup. There's many big things they could have added that would fit better.
The trailers are great, but the cargo is disappointing.
Thanks, I didn't know if reporting it as a bug is appropriate but I will do that.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#163 Post by mackintosh » 18 Oct 2020 20:45

Well, the lack of such axle configurations is probably a hint of upcoming DLC somewhere down the line.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#164 Post by HRTrucking » 18 Oct 2020 23:22

@Spieker when the wait is ok and the size is ok. A normal load can and will be transported on these trailers as well.

And sometimes you can get a permit for a seperable load. It's got something to do with the cost of taking the machine apart. Heard this from some drivers who only drive this kind of stuff. Have done some weekends at truck stops with them, lots of things to learn :) .

The units that SCS uses together is weird, because they look like 3 standalone machines of the same type though.

The trailer that's been made longer with a short load is just wrong. Wonder if they can make the trailer slide in and out with F7, think it's F7 for some container trailers and ATS trailers with the axles.

The 1 plus 3 or 4 gets used in real life. Seeing them in Germany and I've seen that Vd Vlist has some as well. Some have the 1 axle completely at the front and some a bit more to the middle.

The one axle dolly gets used @Shiva . In the Netherlands we have 5 axle trucks as well, they'll use a 1axle dolly sometimes.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#165 Post by cbasd » 19 Oct 2020 02:03

This game should be renamed to ETS 2 open beta, instead of 1.39

So many months, years passed and you have implemented nothing useful. Iveco's interior still looks like crap, physic is broken, no smoke while locking tires, clutch without shifter is not working (this small thing works in other games without any issues).
You just add new DLCs and thats all. Sounds are still broken and im sure u will never fix it.

Even stupid light in the truck cabin, during the driving in the night would make the difference

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#166 Post by Virgo91 » 19 Oct 2020 02:11

If nothing is useful for you,it's on your end...not on SCS end ;)

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#167 Post by Scaniadriver1 » 19 Oct 2020 02:50

When we think about the current situation it's good to have something 😉...
Problems like fmod? Use a mod or use something different... Or 1.36😉

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#168 Post by Quark » 19 Oct 2020 03:25

New video from A.P.101 Gaming which shows the hidden roads and other stuff that was added in southern France with 1.39 inclusive cyclists as AI traffic on
the roads lol yes you have heard right CYCLISTS ON THE ROAD :shock: :D

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#169 Post by danbywinby » 19 Oct 2020 07:17

Cyclists on the road?? Wow!!!!

I thought we were a long way from something like that as if I remember correctly in one of the streams maybe last Christmas pavel mentioned pedestrians and how at the moment they can only have pedestrians in areas that the players trucks can't reach to ensure that the player cant 'hit' the pedestrians.

Be interesting to see how they've tackled that issue as cyclists would be extremely vulnerable to getting 'hit' in the game.
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Re: ETS2 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#170 Post by Sametbey2 » 19 Oct 2020 07:20

This fact should also be in other regions. They solve the problem of crashing the bicycle as follows; We can never hit the bike, we go through it.

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