2021 Map expasion Discussion

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#281 Post by dbddimov » 02 Nov 2020 23:23

I would like to have a few different places to receive cargo, such as this video in which it is gets on the roof with the truck of the store and as you can see from the video is narrow for maneuvers, the video was shot in England, but I guess there are similar hard to reach places elsewhere. trucks. https://youtu.be/dDi_UCvXoCQ?t=249

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#282 Post by Skoot » 02 Nov 2020 23:37

@dbddimov that's totally fantastic! There's actually one tight place 10 minutes from my home, semis never go there but I can get some exterior pics just fyi. I believe there are some nice tricky lots at the big shopping centers across the highway from me as well.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#283 Post by krmarci » 03 Nov 2020 09:30

Just now, I think I've noticed an interesting trend: the first photos of a new DLC appear to come from one of the furthest points from the base map:
* Road to Moscow (?): Yaroslav Oblast (?)
* Iberia: (Valencia), Tabernas Desert
* Road to the Black Sea: north of Sofia (EDIT: also north of Burgas)
* Beyond the Baltic Sea: north of Riga
* Italia: ?
* Vive la France: southern France
* Scandinavia: Stockholm
* Going East!: Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest
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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#284 Post by jackalnxt » 03 Nov 2020 13:48

RttBS also showed us the scenic village of Pomorie, which is just North of Burgas.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#285 Post by Stevecro » 04 Nov 2020 03:29

I think SCS should focus on improving the older parts of the maps like the UK rather than map expansions. I dont feel like driving through the UK and older part of Germany etc as it looks like 2 different games when compared to the newer DLC's.

I would rather SCS work on:

- Updating all older maps inline with newer DLC's
- Making more cities within current mapped area
- Make a greater variety of vehicles on the road, it gets very reptitive seeing the same cars over and over
- Work on weather, wind and other factors which would make driving more realistic
- Introduce a greater variety of cargos, especially special transport heavy cargo
- Introduce more trucks if possible
- Introduce more items to unlock as the levels progress so there is something to look forward to

Basically the game needs more interaction and the weather, roads etc need to have more of an affect on driving to enhance the realism. New map expansions are great, however the older parts of the map and the gameplay are being left behind as a result.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#286 Post by Winchester1979 » 04 Nov 2020 07:08

@Stevecro - All of the stuff you mention costs money to do, but none of it really makes SCS any money with which to pay for it. Map DLC makes money for SCS, which they use to pay their programmers and art department, so they can update the engine to add more things like weather interaction as well as make more DLC. Any updates to the original map basically have to be done when there's time in between other things. It's fairly amazing that so much was able to be put into rebuilding those parts of the original map that have been updated as it is.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#287 Post by Madkine » 04 Nov 2020 07:39

@Stevecro If you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare to pay SCS to do that, then they may consider it.
Otherwise they'll keep doing what they have been doing which is small updates to older map areas while continuuing to make DLC to keep money coming in so they can pay their employees.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#288 Post by plinio.lisboa.br » 04 Nov 2020 14:25

The base map is being redone by SCS Software whenever possible, the biggest part of this project is really what to do Germany that is underway (if I am not mistaken, and do not tell me the memory is missing) only the south of Germany is what remains to be redone.

Then proceed to other countries, I believe they will spend a lot of time rebuilding me in Austria and Switzerland later. Then rebuild the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

Poland in 3 phases, like Germany or more (several different regions in the country). So they arrived at the reconstruction of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg (it is one of the biggest difficulties because it is a map that still lacks a lot of main cities, we will not even talk about cities and villages and other types of attractions, just to stay on the main things). important cities.

Later I believe that the UK will be worked on (to allow a greater attraction of gameplay) for the DLC of Ireland. Why the two countries have many economic relations is inseparable.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#289 Post by Stevecro » 04 Nov 2020 20:12

@Winchester1979 & @Madkine I never said that SCS update the older areas at their cost. As long as the updates to the older areas are comprehensive and high quality and SCS put real effort into getting the cities, scenery and other things right, I would be willing to pay for the updates as a DLC. In that case SCS would be making money just like releasing DLCs for new maps.

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Re: 2021 Map expasion Discussion

#290 Post by Some newbie driver » 04 Nov 2020 21:05

It has been discussed tons of times. SCS is NOT going to do that, it's a very bad idea and that you are so desperate to be willing to pay for that doesn't mean enough people is.

Improvements on the already released content are investments SCS does to keep their game alive. Investments have to be done proportionally to the achieved profits (unless they wanna go bankrupt). Don't expect SCS all of a sudden to haste any of those improvements because they will rarely skyrocket all of a sudden their player base. So, expect a map improvement rate similar as the past years for several other years in the future.

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