What's your favorite truck brand?

What's your favorite truck brand?

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Re: What's your favorite truck brand?

#11 Post by Greg78 » 13 Jan 2021 08:00

Scania is my favorite, by far... surely because the transport company near my home, were I grew, only had Scanias (3 series, Streamline 3 series, and 4 series after, and R... + some oldies, the fisrt trucks when the company began (an old 141 and dome 2 series)...
I also really liked a DAF 3600 space cab the other company had in his yard...

But... i don't hate other brands... I remember of an Iveco Turbostar driven by a the brother of a friend when I was a kid... after that he bought a Volvo F12 400 Globetrotter (the last generation) so nice in white, and his brother bought a Scania 113M 360 orange...
I played with die cats modles of Volvos by Majorette

When it was the season of the sugarbeets... I looked at all the trucks that came to carry the beets to the sugar factory... there were Renault, Pegaso, etc etc...
A friend of my father drove a MAN 19.402 with a flatbed with a crane on it (a KENNIS)...

I think I like trucks , wathever the brand (I've worked 3 years for a truck bodywork manufacturer, so....).. I think I like evrything with wheels :mrgreen:

So, for the other brands, not really an order of preference... but, maybe
1. Scania
2. Volvo
3. the others : (in disorder)
-Iveco made great trucks like Eurotech and Eurostars... i like Stralis a little less
-Renault : i liked the R/majors a lot, AE/Magnum soooo much, Premium a little less, T is really.. strange but a good truck in the game
-MAN : the F90/F2000 series, i liked them a lot... TGA/TGX (E6 version) are great looking trucks
-DAF : the 2800/3300/3600 series , so much "nostalgia"... , the 95 such a great truck... (and the versions after.. , SC, SSC, 95XF and after).. and without the 95 Space Cab, maybe the brand wouldn't exist anymore
-Mercedes : loved the SK, the 1st Actros was a great new truck (with the flat floor)... the last gen of Actros is a good looking truck.
French virtual trucker - Great fan of Scania
a nice FH3 mod made me update to 1.39 :mrgreen:

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Re: What's your favorite truck brand?

#12 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 14 Jan 2021 03:08

Scania is mine it's got the power, configuration, and it just looks so good, I've driven them all over the course of 8 years and despite the streamline and old r series, it's still amazing
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