England rebuild

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Re: England rebuild

#11 Post by mackintosh » 15 Feb 2021 22:39

We don't know. That is the only accurate answer as of now.

A couple of years ag there were some hints that the UK might be rebuilt after Germany was done. Whether that is still the plan - no one knows. Things have gotten rather complicated for everyone in the last 12 months. No telling how that affected their schedule going forward.

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Re: England rebuild

#12 Post by magicko84 » 15 Feb 2021 22:46

Sure, because the EU and the European continent are the same thing, right?

The EU is an international political and economic organization of a supranational character, comprising 27 member states of Europe

While the European continent is the largest of the divisions with which the emerged lands of the earth's crust are divided.

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Re: England rebuild

#13 Post by plykkegaard » 15 Feb 2021 22:56

Not exactly but it's a discussion which is a bit out of boundary
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Re: England rebuild

#14 Post by Some newbie driver » 15 Feb 2021 23:08

mackintosh wrote:
15 Feb 2021 22:39
A couple of years ago there were some hints that the UK might be rebuilt after Germany was done.
If I recall correctly, more than hints where statements. And the overall meaning of what they explained is that they want to consider Germany rebuilt as an experiment. If the results demonstrate positive for them, then they could consider to continue rebuilding other zones mostly in order of age (hence one of the reasons the guess a lot of people do about UK next)


PS: The game doesn't even points Europe as a geographical boundary. It's about Euro (kind) of trucks, wherever they are used. So, strictly speaking, it could reach even to Australia (although such extreme is obviously discarded)

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Re: England rebuild

#15 Post by IvanKuz » 15 Feb 2021 23:17

This topic in a nutshell

Check out my ETS2 concept map that I'm sometimes working on!

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Re: England rebuild

#16 Post by isaac_mihai » 16 Feb 2021 00:35

Vinnie Terranova wrote:
15 Feb 2021 22:11
@isaac_mihai It's a bit strange to think that Euro Truck Simulator 2 would be about the EU: Norway and Switzerland are both not part of the EU, yet those countries are in ETS2. Besides that there was a teaser about the upcoming DLC after Iberia, and this DLC will contain very likely (parts of) Ukraine and/or Belarus, which also are not part of the EU.
I never said that ETS2 is all about EU. I just pointed that EU is not the same thing with Europe the continent. I said that because of your confusion from NeXTer's comment.

It all started with that troll comment from user 2113770961 that made a joke about UK not being in EU anymore. Ofc ETS2 has countries that are not in EU but are in Europe.

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Re: England rebuild

#17 Post by BlackBloodRum » 16 Feb 2021 00:52

Guys.. guys.. c'mon.

Ask your self a simple question, do you play this game to make mods & drive trucks, or do you play this game to have political arguments?

Let the game be the about driving trucks and making mods, not politics.

On topic: Would love to see UK upgraded.. the current UK map is so old and outdated and doesn't reflect England at all.. While we're at it, let's get ireland in there..
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Re: England rebuild

#18 Post by abasstreppas » 16 Feb 2021 01:19

Euro Truck Simulator -> European trucks -> Trucks made in Europe

I think this is a definition SCS wants to use, as it will make ETS2 expandable outside Europe after all countries/regions inside are done -> Asia, Africa and even Brazil. Probably doable without the need of new licencing procedures ;)

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Re: England rebuild

#19 Post by TheAmir259 » 22 Feb 2021 18:11

Honestly, i'm searching for threads like these just to satisfy myself of the question; What's gonna be the next most likely (after Germany)? UK or Benelux? Or maybe even the Alps first?

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Re: England rebuild

#20 Post by jackalnxt » 23 Feb 2021 07:43

We assume that the base map rebuild will come before any of the DLCs get a rebuild. France, Germany and Italy have all been updated so, not much left in terms possibilities. If it is Benelux, I do hope for some extra, even small, cities.

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