[GUIDE] Posting imgur thumbnails with links

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[GUIDE] Posting imgur thumbnails with links

#1 Post by ohaha » 21 Nov 2017 19:40

For full info, go to this link


For the short story, if you want to share an image from imgur, and want to show a thumbnail with a link to full size, do this.

- copy the page's URL from your browser address bar.
- paste it into a Notepad empty document (to make it easier) and add an l (small letter "L") at the end, followed by .jpg - this will give you the thumbnail which fits best with this forum's rules (640x640)
- put [img] at the beginning and [/img] at the end - this creates the tag for sharing on the forum.
- put [url=] at the beginning and [/url] at the end.
- in the first tag, between the = and the ] paste the initial page address you copied, follwed by .jpg

this will create the actual click-able link to the full size image.

at the end you should end up with something very similar to this


Notice the small "L" which makes the difference between the link to full size and to the thumbnail.
Hope this helps! :)



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