JNR-SNR gaming Best of Weekly Drive #3

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JNR-SNR gaming Best of Weekly Drive #3

#1 Post by [JNR-SNR] Senior » 04 Sep 2016 11:29

It's again time for the JNR-SNR gaming Best of Weekly Drive and this time it's #3. These trucks are compiled from a list of trucks the public voted for from the reviews that Senior has done. The list consists of ATS and ETS 2 trucks that Senior has reviewed over the past 9 weeks. The list is as follows so check the video out on YouTube and vote in the comments for Best of Weekly Drive video #3 below the video. Click Here. https://youtu.be/8EGLnBMv1rU

List of trucks to vote for and their review video...

Western Star 4864
Custom Peterbilt 351
Kenworth Phantom
Kenworth W900 Torton
Western Star 4800
Scania P310
Scania 1 Series
DAF XF EURO 6 By Ohaha
Kenworth T660

Make sure to vote in the Best of Weekly Drive Video #3 comments. Click Here. https://youtu.be/8EGLnBMv1rU

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Re: JNR-SNR gaming Best of Weekly Drive #3

#2 Post by room217au » 04 Sep 2016 11:38

I bought the Western Star 4800. What a rockin' machine.
The only issue with that truck - for information to prospective buyers of this model - is that when it comes to custom skins, and if you choose the 'airbrush' option in the paintjob, then ALL your graphics applied to the truck will be governed by the RTA skin seen in JNR-SNR's excellent video (in the links above).
What I mean is, the airbrush mask seeme to be part of the truck model and at this point, unchangeable.
If you apply graphics like imags and cool artwork then your artwork will only be sen whereever the big star on the side and the stripes appear. You'll see your artwork instead of the RTA artwork, but only inside the areas of the RTA artwork.
Hopeflly this will be fixed in the imminent update.
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Re: JNR-SNR gaming Best of Weekly Drive #3

#3 Post by oggich » 10 Oct 2017 21:39

@Senior,i am a fan of your channel,but i have a complaint;why you don't do more ETS2 videos? Only things so far on channel have been ATS videos

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