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daily job

#1 Post by scaniadriver01 » 14 Jun 2020 20:23

from the idea of "my life as a trucker" to forum members that drive trucks in real life to show videos of what thier work looks like as one truck driving job isn`t the same as the other..
i used to work for a supermarket to deliver the daily items people need in the netherlands and belgium..
i drove everything that has wheels and an engine.. from small boxtrucks ( 10m long x 2,55m wide x 3,80x tall) to truck and trailer combo ( 16,50m long x 2,55m wide x 4m tall)
the video shown is me driving a boxtruck in berchem( under to antwerpen) in belgium..
the narrow streets made it challanging and fun and i drove there at least 2 times a day


currently im not driving anymore because of some funky bussiness with my drivinglicence
i got a form of autism and that puts me in that speciall group where its harder to get my driving licence renewed.. hope to be back behind the wheel soon

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